Pretty Spray-Dye Projects for a Colorful Home

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Bye-bye, boring black and white. These spray projects live in vivid color. Specialty spray paints and dyes transform benches, buckets, napkins—and everything in between—into vibrant statement pieces. Each budget-friendly project is easy to make and can be customized to fit your tastes and color schemes.

Colorful Napkin

Custom colored napkins don't have to be pricey. Get a high-end look for less with the help of budget-friendly bleach and fabric dye. For an upgraded tablescape, use two different colored napkins—like pink and blue—and apply the opposite color's dye on the bleached areas.

Napkin How-To

You need only four materials for this simple project: colored cotton napkins, a crafts paintbrush, bleach, and instant fabric color. Start by washing and drying the napkins, pressing if needed. In a well-ventilated area, dip the brush into bleach and press into the napkin to paint a rectangular shape. Continue dipping and painting the bleach to create a repeating pattern. Let the bleached areas turn white, then use cold water to rinse out the bleach. Repeat with all napkins and let dry. Then spray the bleached areas with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color in the desired shade and let dry.

Bold Shelves

Wish your wall accents would match? Now they can. Bold colors and subtle tone-on-tone designs transform boring wooden shelves and frames. We embellished our shelves with dotted accents, but you can try stripes, stars, or other easy-to-paint shapes.

Shelves How-To

For this project you'll need two unfinished wood shelves, an unfinished wood frame, wood glue, paintbrushes, stain, two cans of spray tint, a spray bottle, and liquid dye. Start by spraying the outside of the larger shelf with Design Master TintIt and let dry; then add a second coat and let dry. On the small shelf, use a flat paintbrush to paint stripes of wood glue on the outside and let dry. Spray the shelf with TintIt and let dry. Repeat for better coverage. The TintIt will dry darker on the glue than on the wood. Paint dots or other shapes with wood glue on the shelf and let dry. Mix Rit Dye with hot water in a spray bottle, then spray the shelf and lightly rub with a cloth to spread the dye evenly. The glue will resist the dye, and the dots will appear lighter. Give the frame a similar polka-dot treatment by spraying TintIt and let dry, then spray on a pattern of dots using a lighter TintIt hue.

Dip-Dyed Buckets

Spruce up a summer picnic with pretty dip-dyed accessories. You won't find these customized beauties at a party store—their iridescent tint is completely up to your dye technique. Use the buckets to hold floral centerpieces, keep drinks cold, or stockpile snacks.

Buckets How-To

There are two ways to dip-dye galvanized buckets, but both methods require tint spray and polyurethane spray. For the first technique, blend multiple colors by spraying a light coat of Design Master TintIt around the bottom of the bucket, then spraying a second color above and slightly overlapping the first. For the second technique, fill a large bowl with water and spray TintIt into the water to create a layer of film, as shown. Lay the bucket in the water and rotate it so the film is picked up by the bucket. Repeat with a second color and third, if desired. Apply a polyurethane sealer when dry.

Pretty Pillows

Add cozy texture to a bed, couch, or chair with these plush patterned pillows. The touchable texture is achieved by using lace or loosely woven fabric as a stencil. We love the rainbow look on this pillow, but you can also create an ombre effect with different dyes in the same hue.

Pillows How-To

Start with a 12x16-inch white pillowcase, 1/4 yard lace or loosely woven fabric, painters tape, and three cans of spray fabric dye. Lay the fabric over the pillowcase as a stencil. Secure with tape along the edges so the spray doesn't bleed or overspray to reach the back. On a protected work surface and in a well-ventilated area, spray layers of Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color to produce a color shift from one side of the pillow to the other. Hold the can farther away to produce a lighter color. Remove tape and fabric. Let dry.

Revamped Upholstery

Next time you're perusing the wares of a thrift store or rummage sale, don't let ugly upholstery stop you from picking up a well-made piece of furniture. Spray fabric dye is a budget-friendly alternative to reupholstering, and when done properly, it's hard to tell the difference. Get the look with only three materials.

Upholstery How-To

Painters tape, spray fabric dye, and a bench are all you need for this easy DIY. Use the tape to protect the bench frame. Then, on a protected work surface and in a well-ventilated area, spray a light coat of Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply additional coats, waiting five minutes between coats, until desired coverage and intensity are achieved. Let dry.

Personalized Tote

Skip the pricey tote at a crafts fair—make one yourself! This cute bag can be customized to say whatever you want. Buy the materials in bulk, then make personalized totes for everyone on your holiday shopping list months ahead of time.

Tote How-To

For each tote you'll need a plain tote bag, a paper bag, letter stickers, dot stickers, stencil adhesive, spray fabric dye, painters tape, and fabric dye pens. Cut a circle to fit the tote from the paper bag. Lightly trace the circle onto the tote with a washable fabric marker. Secure letter stickers inside the circle and dot stickers around the letters. Place cardboard inside the tote. On a protected work surface and in a well-ventilated area, spray the paper bag stencil with adhesive and position on the tote so the stickers are centered in the opening and the rest of the tote is covered. Spray the tote with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color and let dry. Apply a second coat and let dry. Remove stickers. Cover tote and tape where handles attach to bag, then spray handles with contrasting color of ColorShot. Fill random dots with Tulip Dye Pens.

Patterned Rug

Upgrade a basic black-and-white rug with fabric dye. The dye takes to each area of the rug a little bit differently, creating a chic ombre effect. This project is an easy way to add color to an otherwise neutral space.

Chic Shower Curtain

Shibori is a traditional Japanese dyeing technique (similar to tie-dye) that infuses basic linens with a dark indigo color. We were inspired by the gorgeous style and put our own spin on shibori to create this stylish shower curtain. The process is the same, but we swapped out indigo dye for an orangey-pink hue.

Shower Curtain How-To

For this project you'll need a white shower curtain, cardboard squares, rubber bands, liquid dye, a spray bottle, and plastic wrap. Start by washing and drying the white curtain, pressing if needed. Accordion-fold the fabric in 12-inch sections the length of the curtain, then fold the piece accordion-style the other direction, forming a square. Sandwich the folded curtain between cardboard squares cut slightly smaller than 12 inches, and secure with a rubber band on each side, as shown. On a protected work surface, spray dye around all edges, then wrap the curtain in plastic for six hours. Unwrap the curtain, remove rubber bands, unfold, and let dry completely before laundering.

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