Have fun with pom-poms! First, master the basic techniques for making pom-poms (it's easy with a handy pom-pom maker), and then start embellishing.


Pom-Pom Throw

Make a stylish addition to a purchased throw by adding jumbo pom-poms to the edges. Use an extra-large pom-pom maker to create 4½-inch balls, leaving long tails when tying each one off. Pin the yarn tails along the edge of the throw, roll the hemmed edge to enclose the tails, and topstitch.

Pom-Pom Wreath

Perk up your front door with a ring of pom-poms. Choose yarn in shades of white, cream, and light tan, and make the pom-poms in a variety of sizes. Hot-glue the balls to a wire wreath form, positioning tightly together until the base is covered. Glue an artificial bird to the wreath.

Pom-Pom Party Accents

Add a fun twist to a party with pom-pom accents. Create balls using pom-pom-making tools and yarn: Use a large tool to make 3-inch balls for a garland and a small tool to make 1-inch balls for a cake topper. To crochet the garland's foundation, chain-stitch a row to the desired length. Double-crochet the second row. For the third row, chain five single crochet stitches, attaching to every fifth stitch from the previous row using a slip stitch to form scallops. Chain-stitch hanging strings to the center of each third-row scallop, then using a large-eye needle, thread pom-poms onto the strings and sew a pom-pom to each end. To make the cake topper, thread small pom-poms onto baker's twine and tie the ends to skewers.

No pom-pom maker? No problem. You can make pom-poms with yarn and a fork.

Pom-Pom Tiered Curtains

Add some drama to your drapes with rows of multicolor pom-poms. These curtains are sure to give visual interest to a space and make your room seem taller. The pom-poms also provide texture and a pop of color to otherwise bland blinds. Use fabric glue to achieve a similar look.

Pom-Pom Pillow

This DIY project is both simple and cost-effective. Start with a throw pillow, patterned or plain, and purchase yarn to complement its color. Following the steps in our pom-pom tutorial, create four medium to large pom-poms that can be attached to each corner. Once these are made, simply sew the pom-poms onto each corner by attaching the base of each pom-pom.

Pom-Pom Storage Tote

Add some personality to an otherwise drab storage tote. To make this DIY project, round up yarn of various colors and make into medium pom-poms following our how-to tutorial video. Mark the placement of the pom-poms before attaching to ensure spacing is correct. Use a needle and thread to attach the pom-poms to the tote. For best results, attach using the base of the pom-pom.

Pom-Pom Curtain Holdback

Create a curtain holdback that adds texture to plain walls. This DIY holdback gives otherwise plain curtains more oomph while also creating a focal point for the window. When creating your own pom-pom holdbacks, don't be afraid to play around with various sizes and colors to fit your aesthetic.

Pom-Pom Woven Basket

Make a woven basket pop with colorful pom-poms! Add personality by mixing and matching various sizes and colors or by encircling the opening of the basket with a uniform bright color. When choosing your yarn colors, opt for a shade that contrasts the natural fibers of your basket while also keeping your room decor in mind.


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