25 Easy DIY Decor Projects You Can Tackle in Just One Hour

home decor candle sticks blue glass vase
Photo: Carson Downing

DIY projects don't have to take up the whole weekend. Spruce up your home with one of these done-in-an-hour decor ideas. Some need extra drying time, but all require 60 minutes or less of hands-on work. These quick DIY ideas will show you how to craft your own home accessories for nearly instant gratification.

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Marble-Look Tray

water glass in tray on night table with gold lamp
Carson Downing

Recreate the look of a pricey marble tray using a cutting board and contact paper. Measure and cut marble-patterned self-adhesive paper to fit the surface you'd like to cover. Slowly peel off the backing and smooth it over the cutting board. To add leather handles, drill a hole at each corner. Measure the distance between the two screw holes on each side, and cut leather straps to about double that length. Punch holes into each strap and screw into place.

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DIY Table Runner

finished diy blue table runner and placemats
Jay Wilde

Use oilcloth or wax-coated fabric to create a DIY table runner that repels water and food spills. With basic sewing skills, you can easily get this project done in about 30 minutes. Choose a pretty patterned fabric and add decorative trim or fringe to customize your runner.

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Pretty Painted Vase

vase mug décor table
Steven McDonald

Revamp a plain white vase with a simple paint technique using rubber cement. Dip a small paintbrush into the rubber cement and create a pattern of thick dots across the vase. When dry, add color using a sponge applicator and a thin layer of glass or ceramic paint. Wait for the paint to dry, then rub off the dots of rubber cement with your finger to reveal the surface underneath. Bake the vase according to the paint manufacturer's directions to set the finish.

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DIY Poster Holder

diy distressed table and poster holder next to chair
Brie Passano

For a budget-friendly alternative to a custom frame, display large-scale art prints and posters with a DIY magnetic holder. This project involves drilling holes into pine boards and securing disc magnets inside to create two sets of magnetically connected boards. The finished holder snaps together to hold artwork in place and easily disconnects when you want to change up your display.

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DIY Marble Candlesticks

home decor candle sticks blue glass vase
Carson Downing

Dip basic candlesticks into paint for a gorgeous marbled effect. Start with a garbage bag-lined bucket filled with water. Add in Magic Marble paint (or fingernail polish) in your desired colors and swirl with a skewer. Gently dunk the candle into the bucket and use a paper towel to sweep up the remaining paint off the water's surface before pulling the candle out.

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Ribbon-Trimmed Bedding

blue colored bedroom ribbon trim bedding
Jay Wilde

Dress up bedding with ribbon in a contrasting color for added flair. Pull out your sewing machine and stitch the ribbon on, or attach it with iron-on adhesive tape ($3, Michaels) for a no-sew option. Try the technique on sheets, pillowcases, and decorative shams for a custom bedding set.

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Watercolor Canvas Art

large framed watercolor swirl artwork and bench
Marty Baldwin

A simple swirling technique makes it easy to paint an abstract watercolor masterpiece. Blend color around a canvas using a foam brush, your finger, or even an empty condiment bottle to create a unique design. Then craft an inexpensive frame from painted wood lattice strips to finish off your DIY artwork.

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Vintage Decoupage Tray

cake and cupcakes vintage ad plate
Steven McDonald

Turn clear glass serving platters into unique display pieces by reusing vintage advertisements. Trace the bottom of the dish (use one with a flat bottom) and trim the page to size. Use a small foam brush and decoupage medium ($5, Target) to adhere the paper to the underside of the dish. Smooth out any bubbles, beginning from the center and working toward the edges.

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DIY Toothbrush Holder

elephant toothbrush holder
Jay Wilde

Perfect for a kids' bathroom, this quick DIY project turns a wooden animal figurine into a playful toothbrush holder. Simply drill 3/4-inch holes through a wooden figure, then coat using glossy white spray paint. Look for figures large enough to accommodate a few holes without splitting. You can often find them in craft stores, on eBay, and at garage sales.

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Spoon Rack Display

string board
Adam Albright

Turn an old spoon rack into a fun display board with twine. Wrap colorful twine around the spoon holders and use small clothespins to display reminders or mementos. If you have extra time, paint the spoon rack before wrapping the twine.

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Patterned Tabletop

diy coffee tabletop
Andre Martin

A smooth tabletop is the perfect spot for a colorful wallpaper makeover. Cut a piece of patterned wallpaper to fit, then adhere it with decoupage medium. To protect the surface, brush the top with decoupage medium or spray with clear acrylic sealer.

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Platter Display

blue crystal platters wall decor
Jason Donnelly

Rescue cast-off crystal platters and turn them into one-of-a-kind artwork. Paint the smooth sides of the platters with two to three coats of acrylic paint; let dry between coats. Mix and match colors, sizes, and patterns, then hang the platters together in a grouping.

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DIY Doily Bowls

lace bowl
Jay Wilde

Doilies abound at flea markets and antique stores. Pick up a few and repurpose them as storage vessels. Dip the doily into a mixture of one part crafts glue and one part water. Smooth the wet doily over an upside-down glass bowl with your hands; let dry. Carefully peel the doily away from the bowl.

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Hutch Wallpaper Update

hutch wallpaper backing
Jay Wilde

Line the back of a hutch or display cabinet with pretty paper. Peel-and-stick wallpaper makes this project especially easy. Simply cut paper to fit and adhere to the cabinet back. Here, a patterned paper with a gold design adds metallic glimmer.

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Fabric-Covered Canvases

Fabric-Covered Canvases
Jay Wilde

Use fabric to fashion affordable DIY canvas art. Buy ready-made canvases or canvas stretchers and cover with a favorite fabric. Try using a large-scale pattern, and use different parts of the pattern on each canvas.

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Repurposed Jars

Repurposed Jars
Jay Wilde

Rescue pickle jars or other containers from the recycle bin, and give them a new purpose holding bathroom essentials. To start, drill a hole in the center of the lid to accommodate a knob. Prime, then paint the lids; let dry. Spray with a clear sealer to protect the paint; let dry. Attach the knob, then cut off the excess shank. For an extra decorative touch, cut paper to fit around the jars and adhere in place.

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Colorful Candlesticks

painted candle sticks
Adam Albright

Update your old candlesticks with new color, or refresh an inexpensive set you picked up at a thrift store. Dress them up in a trio or quartet of new colors. Simply spray-paint the candlesticks in coordinating colors, let dry, and put on display.

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Painted Glass Bottles

milk glass bottle vases
Jason Donnelly

Set a pretty display with painted glass bottles that look like milk glass. Wash the glass with soap and water; let dry. Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol, and wipe the inside of the glass vessel with the cloth. For narrow vessels, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol inside, swirl around, and pour out excess; let dry. Mix two parts acrylic paint with one part water in a glass bowl and pour into the bottle or jar. Swirl the paint around inside the bottle or jar until the entire interior is coated. Place the glass vessel upside down on a paper towel or paper plate to dry. Repeat painting steps until you are happy with the coverage. Note: These bottles are for display only; do not use with food or drink.

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DIY Lampshade Update

ribbon-wrapped lampshade
Kim Cornelison

Give a plain lampshade a boost with ribbon. Wrap ribbon vertically around the shade, overlapping to create a dynamic design. Secure the ribbon with pins and glue. If you have extra time, transform the lamp base with a fresh coat of paint. Tip: Metallic paints reflect best on a smooth surface and simple shape.

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Dictionary Word Art

dictionary page art
Jay Wilde

Create meaningful art using pages pulled from a dictionary. Choose words based on a theme (for example, we used "swish," "compete," and "score" for a sports-theme room). Enlarge and photocopy the pages and hang in matching frames.

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Custom-Painted Vases

Painted Glass Vases
Steven McDonald

Transform plain white vases with freehand painting. Mix glass paint with a few drops of paint thinner ($18, The Home Depot). If desired, adjust the amount of paint thinner to achieve varying viscosities and results, such as drips and runs. Paint freehand designs on each vase using an acrylic brush and let dry.

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Cork Memo Board

diy circle corkboard
Steven McDonald

Fashion an office memo board from inexpensive cork trivets. To begin, paint the cork rounds with two coats of acrylic paint in your chosen color palette. Leave several unpainted for a natural look. Once dry, turn the cork pieces over and arrange in the design you prefer; secure together with masking tape. Use wall hook-and-loop tape ($8, The Home Depot) to hang.

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Twine-Wrapped DIY Decor

yarn wrapped letter h
Marty Baldwin

Grab baker's twine ($7, Michaels) in various colors and start wrapping to create custom DIY decor. Embellish a flat frame with varying widths of twine wrapped around the frame. Hang a twine-wrapped papier-mache letter inside the opening for personalized art.

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Decorative Tape Decor

taped picture frame
Adam Albright

Decorative tapes are now available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Use these pretty adhesives to dress up almost anything in a flash. Embellish a plain white frame with strips in a variety of patterns. Stick to a complementary color palette for cohesiveness.

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Veggie Stamp Art

white frame blue painting
Cameron Sadeghpour

Take a stroll down the produce aisle to find inspiration for your next DIY art project. Cut stalks of bok choy or celery about 2-3 inches from the bottom. Blot off the moisture, and let the vegetables dry for an hour. Select a light and dark shade of crafts paints in the same hue. Pour the darker color onto a paper plate. Dip the cut end of the bok choy or celery into the paint and press onto a blank canvas; let dry. Repeat with the lighter color, overlapping stamps as desired.

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