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Monogram napkin
Add serious style to any room with these craft projects.

Clock and Storage Jars

Stretch fabric over a small painter's canvas for a clock that coordinates with your decor. Staple the fabric to the back of the frame. Poke a hole through the center of the canvas. Assemble a clock kit following the manufacturer's instructions. The storage jars get a splash of color using leftover scrapbook paper. Add a strip to the jar and a circle to the lid with double-sided tape.

Wooden Word Wall Hanging

Add a personal touch to an empty wall space. Decoupage patterned paper onto a purchased wooden word. Sand the edges once the decoupage medium has dried. For the wire photo holder, twist heavy-gauge wire around a pencil. Push the wire into a hole drilled into the top of the word. Secure with glue.

Decorative Dresser

Use leftover wallpaper to make over an old dresser. Select a wallpaper design that can be turned horizontally to avoid seams if the drawer width is greater than the paper width. Paint the dresser a color that coordinates with the wallpaper. Following the paper manufacturer's directions, adhere wallpaper to each drawer front and let dry. Trim off excess paper. Add new knobs to the drawer fronts.

Dimensional Art

Let bright tablecloths do the work. This is a fun way to extend the life of stained vintage tablecloths. Cut a patterned piece to fit a frame, and adhere it to the cardboard backing. If desired, leave off the glass and add dimension. Here, we hot-glued a painted starfish in the center of one frame.

Pretty Bed Skirt

Don't let the bed skirt go unnoticed. Lay a white bed skirt flat on a table. Using a stencil and fabric paint, dab on a pretty design. Let dry before putting on the bed.

Beautiful Mural

Create the look of bold wallpaper by painting an abstract mural above a fireplace. Sketch the design on the wall before painting. A hand-painted mural is a great alternative to a mirror or purchased artwork.

Colorful Seat Covers

Add a bit of color to basic wooden chairs with seat covers made from pretty yet inexpensive dish towels. Hand- or machine-stitch ribbon ties along one edge of the towel. Tie around the chair to keep in place.

Paper-Topped Table

Wallpaper can dress up a coffee table. Pick a graphic pattern that looks nice from any angle. Avoid a curved tabletop to ease the trimming. Paint the table a coordinating color; let dry. Cut the paper to size and lay on top. Finish with a custom-cut glass top to protect the paper.

Found Art

Not all art must be purchased. Keep an eye out for pretty pictures and patterns in magazines and mailings. Cut to size and frame. Group several frames on a mantel for an eye-catching display.

Monogram Magnet Board

Purchase an oversize metal letter new or from a thrift store. Sand and paint in the color of your choice. Hang, and use magnets to display photos and messages.

Frames of Wallpaper

Scraps of wallpaper will not go to waste. Frame various patterns in frames of the same style. Alternate patterns when hanging for a random look.

Functional Panel

Take a cabinet door from drab to pretty and functional. Cut foam-core board to fit an open panel. Cut batting to cover the board, leaving 3 inches extra on all sides. Secure with duct tape on the back. Wrap ribbon strips across the front and tape them at the back. Install cup hooks for hanging jewelry.

Embellished Chandelier

Add colorful crystals to a regular white chandelier. With a 1/16-inch carbide bit, drill holes where you want crystals to be placed. Use needle-nose pliers and #00 wire to create the hangers for the crystals.

Framed Paper Pieces

Highlight beautiful pieces of decorative paper. Scraps or small pieces of expensive paper look great framed. Use a frame with a mat for three photos. Place paper pieces behind the openings, coordinating colors to complement the room.

Heritage Memory Art

A framed collection of old maps, photos, letters, coins, and documents recounts a lifetime spent together and a family's heritage. Don't hide such sentimental items; consider bringing them all together in a wall display for family and visitors to enjoy. Scan documents and photos, and print them on archival paper. Arrange the items in a collage using keepsakes, memorabilia, and ribbon to add interest. Finish the project with archival mounting materials and adhesives, and mount the collage in a shadow-box frame.

Welcome Fall Wall Art

Handmade art is in vogue, so get crafty with purchased felt leaf shapes that you mount in shadow boxes with scrapbook-paper mats. Decorative stickpins and snips of ribbon complete the look.

Leaf Motif Coasters

Purchased glass coasters can easily be enhanced to promote tranquillity in your home. Textured paper and skeleton craft leaves are decoupaged on the coasters' underside, and glass etching enhances the top.

Pretty Natural Wreath

Combine natural elements to create this beautiful wreath to display on your mantel, wall, or door.

Modern Fabric Lampshade

Rescued from the curb, this lamp received a complete makeover. Refresh the base by spray-painting it a color of your choice. Measure the shade, and cut fabric pieces slightly larger so that they can wrap over the edges and to the back. To finish the look add ribbon to all edges of the shade.

Frosted Glass Candleholders

Put on a dazzling light show with these vellum-wrapped candleholders. Measure the circumference of the candleholder and add 1/4-inch. Measure the height of the holder. Cut a piece of vellum to fit. Apply double-stick tape to the right side of one vertical edge of the paper. Wrap the holder, overlapping and adhering the opposite edge to the taped edge.

Bulletin Board with Window Insert

Make this cute fabric-covered bulletin board to match your home's decor. Cut a piece of plywood the same size as a window insert purchased at a home center. Cover the plywood with cork and batting. Wrap fabric around to the back of the plywood and secure the edges with a staple gun. Paint the window insert, and nail to the plywood when dry, and add buttons at the intersections.

Monogram Pillow

Let pillow shams stage an extra-special welcome in a guest bedroom. Sew the shams from wool felt. Print out your guest's initial on the computer, trace it onto the felt, and cut it out. Back the opening with a piece of complementary fabric. Pin the fabric in place while stitching around the edges of the letter with embroidery floss.

Felt Design Table Runner

A table runner adds a touch of style to any surface. Enhance a plain runner with an intricately cut self-adhesive felt design from a crafts store.

Ottoman with Tassels

Cover any small footstool or ottoman with chenille, punching up the personality with contrasting trims. This footstool uses burlap bullion, high-sheen satin ruched braid with double tassels, and standard upholstery cording with a fringe. The cording flange was pressed flat to get the look of four trims when only three were used.

Photo Display Under Glass

This table was a flea market find repainted for a fresh look. Have a glass company cut two pieces of glass to the size of your tabletop. Set one piece on the table. Arrange your photos, scrapbook embellishments, and other mementos on the glass and tack in place with double-sided tape. Place the other piece of glass on top.

Stenciled Rose Duvet

A rose garland softens the edges of this plain duvet cover. To secure a stencil to the fabric, cut a motif from self-adhesive vinyl (used for shelf liners) or spritz the back of a plastic stencil with spray adhesive. Fill in the design using fabric paint. Preserve the design by following the paint manufacturer's heat-setting instructions.

Embellished Pillows

Layer crisp white organza over oatmeal-color linen pillows and embellish with buttons or other elements for a decorative touch.

Pretty Beaded Table Runner

This runner is a snap to make from a fat band of blue sateen edging and wispy white fabric. Beading from a crafts store adds a dressy finish.

Monogram Napkin

Dress up the corner of a plain napkin and give your table a personal touch. Stamp your initial in the corner of a linen napkin and add a few small beads for sparkle. Tie it all up with a pretty ribbon until ready for use.

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