12 Ways to Make Everything Marble

Once confined to the kitchen, marble has been making its mark around the home in unexpected ways. But you don't need to invest in real marble to get the look of beautifully veined stone. As these DIY bloggers demonstrate with contact paper, clay, shaving cream, and nail polish, you can make almost anything marble with a little handiwork.

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    Faux Marble Console Table

    If cutting straight lines isn't your forte, you'll appreciate this ​faux marble table tutorial from Syl and Sam. As the DIY bloggers explain, your edges don't have to be perfect when you're covering a removable table top that sits flush in its frame. Of course, it also helps when your marble contact paper has handy grid lines on its backing.

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    Faux Marble Tray

    Technically, this ​faux marble tray could be made with real stone, but as Amy of The Happy Tulip learned, it's easier to find a single porcelain tile than an affordable slab of marble. To complete this DIY project, simply attach two drawer pulls with glue, and display your chic new tray where it can be admired.

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    Faux Black Marble Hexagon Coasters

    Obsessed with a particular home decor item that you can't locate anywhere? Do it yourself! Amy of Homey Oh My was in the market for ​black marble hexagon coasters but decided to make her own out of clay. Lucky for us, she shared the easy clay marble tutorial on her blog.

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    Marbled Pitcher

    Decided that trendy manicure isn't really you? Turn your fashion faux pas into a crafting opportunity by using your bottle of blue (or any color) nail polish to create a beautiful marbled effect on ceramic or glass. Cyd offers an easy ​nail polish marbling tutorial on her blog.

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    Faux Marble Place Card Holders

    Turn a casual dinner party into a stylish affair by setting the table with ​f​aux marble place card holders from Almost Makes Perfect. Simply mix together white and gray clay, shape with a cookie cutter, and bake. If you've ever played with Play-Doh, you can manage this easy home entertaining DIY.

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    Faux Marble Nesting Tables

    Marble contact paper and gold spray paint camouflage contemporary ​nesting tables in this chic IKEA hack from Splendor Styling. Compared to a set made with real stone, this DIY version is not only affordable but practical, too. Move the tables around your living room without straining your back -- or your wallet.

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    Faux Marble Air Plant Holders

    This DIY tutorial combines two of the hottest home decor trends: ​air plants and marble. While shaping your white and gray clay to create the look of marble, embrace imperfections; a mismatched grouping of shapes and sizes actually highlights the easy, organic vibe of air plants.

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    Faux Marble Blocks

    When this blogger discovered that the West Elm ​marble and wood blocks she wanted for her baby's nursery were no longer available, she pulled out her contact paper and crafted her own set. The most chic stacking blocks we've ever seen, this DIY knockoff is just asking to be featured in a shelfie.

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    Faux Marble Clock

    If your walls can't handle the weight of marble (or your pocketbook can't handle the cost), you have two options. You can look for an alternative wall hanging, or you can follow Twine and Table's ​faux marble clock tutorial. The handy blogger used adhesive marble vinyl that looks remarkably like the real thing.

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    Marbled Clothespins

    Warning: ​Marbling with shaving cream is addictive. Just ask Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling. After the DIY blogger tested the technique on notebooks, she couldn't resist adding the pretty pattern to a set of plain wooden clothespins. We love this playful yet functional twist on the marble trend.

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    Faux Marble Nightstand

    Gaby from The Vault Files turned something practical -- a simple white nightstand from IKEA -- into something pretty with a sheet of self-adhesive marble paper and a modern brass drawer pull. We love how she took the DIY nightstand one step further by cutting and pasting gold patterned paper to make a glam drawer liner.

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    Gold-Rimmed Faux Marble Coasters

    Gilded edges add a hint of glamour to these minimalist ​faux marble coasters from Earnest Home Co. The stone is actually white and gray clay, and the gold foil is acrylic crafts paint. However, we're betting your guests won't even realize they're using look-alike coasters, particularly with a cocktail in hand!

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    Learn how to get the gilded look throughout your home.

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