It's back! What goes around comes around, but this time bigger and better. Macrame, textile creations using knots, is once again making a splash throughout home decor and fashion. Ever so popular in the Victorian era, macrame regained interest again in the seventies, and now this ornamental fringe is hotter than ever as we adorn our wares and walls.

By Jenna Burger
November 18, 2015
Image: Vintage Revivals

Thankfully the days of grandma's owl designs are long gone, and instead, macrame is reappearing with a modern, boho chic twist. The use of rope, jute, and twine, paired with beads and braids to make intricate designs are all the rage. With wall decor, lighting, and jewelry, we are mad about modern macrame.

Macrame Headboard

Update a blank wall or the space above a bed with 3-D wall art. In an afternoon -- and on a small budget -- a dynamic focal point can be created using macrame. The interesting and intricate design for this headboard uses copper piping looped into varying sized knots with a plywood backdrop. The floor-to-ceiling macrame headboard provides depth, texture, and an overall heightened feeling to the room.

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Similar three-dimensional art can be used in other areas of the home, like a living room or foyer. To create a simpler version of macrame art, use cord to create multiple tassels (dip dye the cord for an added pop of color) and hang them from a natural or painted wood dowel. Hang one or a collection on a wall by using inexpensive cafe rod brackets.

Macrame Light Fixture

Image: Rennes

Whether bold or subtle, when macrame is introduced in a space, it makes a statement, especially if it is featured as a light fixture. With lighting, the best philosophy is go big, or go home. A one-of-a-kind light fixture can really give a room that unexpected pop.

This macrame-wrapped light fixture drapes from ceiling to floor and swags over a seating vignette. The less-than-attractive cord is now surrounded by a detailed design that emulates a sweeping spiral staircase. It works so well because its dynamic texture is set against a non-competing neutral palette.

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Macrame Bracelet

Image: Honestly WTF

Not only can macrame adorn the walls in the home, but from neck, to wrist, to ankle, it can be beautiful and bold jewelry. Using cord in various colors -- like blue, coral, and gold -- with glossy metal charms, these do-it-yourself bracelets are perfect for layering together or standing alone.

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Macrame Watch

Image: Dream a Little Bigger

This watch, with a blue-and-orange chevron design, is colorful, fun, and can be perfectly paired with any style outfit day or night.

Have a watch that still works, but the band is worn? Make it a do-it-yourself project by repurposing the face of the watch and creating a fun band using twine and varying weaves and knots. Adding small beads to a macrame band can also make it a unique conversation piece.

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Macrame Hanging Basket

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Hanging planters with beads and braids were oh-so-popular in the seventies, but today's mod macrame is updated with color and texture. Macrame shouldn't overwhelm a room but instead should be introduced in small doses to enhance the overall aesthetic. A pair or small grouping -- rather than an overwhelming collection -- of macrame hanging planters are perfect for adding height and bringing the outdoors into a space.

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Macrame Sconce

Image: A Designer at Home

This do-it-yourself sconce boasts a beautiful, coral-colored macrame shade, set on a wood frame evoking a rustic, modern vibe. From the foyer, through the hallway, and to the bedroom, a sconce of this style is ideal for any spot around the home. The beauty of this macrame shade is best demonstrated when the light is turned on. It'll provide a dramatic cast of light and shadow on the surrounding walls, ceiling, and floor.

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