8 Easy Macramé Projects to Try for DIY Woven Decor

Master your knot-tying technique with these simple DIY projects that make macramé feel modern.

Macramé is making a major comeback. Easy to master and requiring only simple materials, the throwback craft has renewed interest as people sought out new at-home hobbies amid the pandemic. In fact, Google searches around macramé reached peak levels over the past year. If you're looking for ways to apply your newfound knot-tying skills, the possibilities for macramé projects go way beyond wall hangings. You can use the technique to create all sorts of DIY home accents, including macramé plant hangers, trivets, light fixtures, and more. Before you begin, brush up on some of the most common macramé knots so you can start tying with confidence. Then try one of these DIY macramé projects to weave your own trendy accessories.

three macrame pendant lights against dark blue background
Adam Albright

1. Macramé Light Fixtures

Dress up a lightbulb cage ($6, The Home Depot) with macramé knots to fashion a pretty woven shade. You'll tie alternating square knots around the bulb cage, adjusting the tightness of the knot as the shape of the pendant widens. For a cohesive look, finish by tying knots down the length of the cord with a contrasting yarn color.

macrame baskets
Jacob Fox

2. Woven Basket

Stow crafts supplies, blankets, or reading materials in this slouchy macramé basket. Made with a size L crochet hook ($2, Michaels) and stretchy T-shirt yarn, this brilliant storage solution features a fresh, textured look. Double your yarn for a sturdier weave, and modify the project to make your macramé basket as big or tall as desired.

hanging terrariums yellow macrame butterflies plants
Jay Wilde

3. Macramé Plant Hanger

Elevate your plant collection with a glass terrarium and coordinating macramé hanging plant holder. Bright yarn and quirky beads provide easy ways to add modern texture and color to this macramé project. Once you have the basic shape down, you can also customize your hanger with various twisted or knotted designs.

macrame trivet hot pad tea kettle scone table
Jacob Fox

4. Macramé Trivet

Protect surfaces from steamy dishes with a macramé trivet. The easy project requires just duct tape, a hot-glue gun, and rope made from natural fibers that won't melt with heat. For an 8-inch-wide trivet, opt for 14 feet of rope. After taping off the rope ends, weave into your desired shape and hot-glue the ends on the back.

blue macrame dog collar bichon frise yellow door
Jacob Fox

5. Woven Pet Collar

Treat your furry friend to a handsome macramé collar. Paracord, a lightweight nylon rope that comes in a wide range of colors, provides a strong, durable base. Weave two colors of paracord using the king cobra stitch, then finish with a snap buckle and D ring. This macramé dog accessory can be easily personalized to fit your pup's size; you'll need 2 feet of 550 paracord ($4, Michaels) for every inch of collar.

modern macrame woven chair scandinavian blue green white
Jacob Fox

6. Macramé Patterned Chair

A harder-than-it-looks pattern adds a retro-modern feel to this updated side chair. Macramé cord offers the right amount of give for a comfy yet sturdy seat. After you remove the cushions, use the chair's arms, side, and back pieces as foundation elements for weaving. The key to this DIY macramé project is to learn the repetition: down, over, and around an oversize crochet hook. Once you have that down, you'll make quick progress on both the vertical pieces and the horizontal cords.

wire basket lampshade diy macrame cord wrap dining room
Adam Albright

7. Pendant Light Cord

Create stylish DIY lighting with the help of a simple pendant light kit ($16, The Home Depot) and some clever knot-tying. A macramé cord wrap brings added texture to these fixtures made from upturned wire baskets. Hang this macramé project in your dining room, office, or any space that needs a funky fixture.

macrame lawn chairs blue pink fire pit lawn
Marty Baldwin

8. Woven Lawn Chairs

Put a fresh spin on a backyard classic with these macramé lawn chairs. Start by tying the vertical cords to the chair frame, then draw cords in contrasting colors horizontally through the strands using a combination of hand-weaving and chainstitching with a crochet hook. Customize the pattern with various shapes and colors to achieve your desired look. This macramé project offers the perfect opportunity to rehab your decades-old lawn chairs that are weathered with stains and offer little support.

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