Get wrapped up in these easy DIY projects that make macrame feel modern.

January 29, 2016

Build a Basket

Stow crafts supplies, blankets, or reading materials in this slouchy macrame basket. Made with a size L crochet hook and stretchy T-shirt yarn, this brilliant storage solution features a fresh, textured look. Double your yarn for a sturdier weave, and modify to make your macrame basket as big or tall as desired.

Green Space

Go airborne with a glass terrarium and coordinating macrame hanging plant holder. Bright yarn and quirky beads provide easy avenues for adding modern texture and color to the decorative macrame project.

Top-Notch Trivet

Protect surfaces from steamy dishes with an easy macrame trivet. The easy project requires just duct tape, a hot-glue gun, and rope made from natural fibers that won't melt with heat. For an 8-inch-wide trivet, opt for 14 feet of rope. After taping off the rope ends, weave into desired shape and hot-glue the ends on the back.

Pet Project

Treat man's best friend to a handsome macrame collar. Colorful paracord, a lightweight nylon rope, provides a strong, durable base. Weave two colors of paracord using the king cobra stitch, then finish with a snap buckle and D ring. The macrame dog accessory can be easily personalized to fit your mutt's size and style, but you will need 2 feet of 550 paracord for every inch of collar.

Sitting Pretty

A harder-than-it-looks pattern gives a retro-modern feel to this updated side chair. Macrame cord offers the right amount of give for a comfy yet sturdy seat. After you remove the cushions, use the chair's arms, side, and back pieces as foundation elements for weaving. The key to this DIY is to learn the repetition—down, over, and around an oversize crochet hook. Once you have that down, you'll make quick progress on both the vertical pieces and the horizontal cords.

Download this pattern

Completely Wired

Pendant lighting with a macrame cord wrap and wire basket lampshade gives this room the airy drama it needs. Make this lamp for your dining room, office, or any space that needs a funky fixture.

Take a Seat

You'll be the talk of the neighborhood potluck when you bring these beautiful macrame lawn chairs. This is a perfect project to rehab your decades-old lawn chairs that are weathered with stains and offer little support.


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