Turn your home into a paradise by decorating with this DIY pillow inspired by the lush textures, colors, and plants of the tropics.
sitting area with bohemian tropical decor

Get the look of gorgeous greenery in your home with this easy DIY pillow project. Simply gather your favorite leaf, real or faux, paint its surface, and transfer your design to a pillowcase. Display the botanical throw pillow on your sofa or bed for a fun foliage-inspired accent.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Painting

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Prep Pillow

Protect your work surface by laying down a drop cloth or newspaper. Remove the pillow from the pillowcase, then insert a piece of cardboard into the pillowcase. Cut the cardboard as needed until it fits snuggly inside. This will prevent your painted design from seeping through to the back of the pillowcase.

use small roller to roll fabric paint over leaf
Step 2

Choose Your Leaf

Next, pick your leaf. Use big tropical leaves that cover the majority of the pillowcase surface for the most impact. Once you've found a leaf you love, lay it on newspaper. Roll fabric paint evenly over the leaf with a paint roller until covered.

use brayer to roll over paper towel-covered leaf
Step 3

Transfer Pattern

Carefully transfer the leaf to the pillowcase, paint side down. Once placed where you'd like the design, set a paper towel over the leaf and roll it with a brayer. You can also use a dry unused paint roller if you have one. Lift up the paper towel and the leaf, exposing the print.

Step 4

Set Design

When the paint has dried, place a plain cotton cloth over the print and iron to set the design. You can wash the case in cold water after 72 hours. Once dry, reinsert the pillow form.


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