Creative Ways to Reuse Kids' Artwork

Kids' artwork doesn't just have to be relegated to the memory box. Put it on more permanent display with these creative ideas.

Art into Decor

Personalize your child’s bedroom with whimsical crafts such as a one-of-a-kind pillowcase and a headboard pennant. To create the pennant, cut triangles from construction paper (enlist your kid’s help to decorate it first if you prefer), then use double-stick tape to stick them back-to-back over a length of fishing line. To make the pillowcase, scan your child’s favorite painting or drawing and print the art on ink-jet iron-on paper. (Check the package to be sure the paper works with your fabric. Some transfer paper works  better on light or dark fabrics.) Iron the sheet onto a blank pillowcase following package instructions.

Using iron transfer paper, you can customize totes, pillows and more. Learn how to iron-on transfer with these simple steps.

How to Iron-On Transfer

Watch and learn how to iron-on transfer like a pro.

Art into Art

Can’t choose just one of your child’s craft projects to show off? Put them all on display in a poster frame. Scan art pieces, then import them into an image-editing program. Crop and shrink art to desired size, then place the images in a gridded layout. Take the file to a print shop and request a poster-size print to frame and hang. Scan art each year and replace the prints to create a playful annual keepsake.

DIY Giftwrap

Kids’ crafts can make great gift embellishments for friends and family. Use large-scale artwork to create custom wrapping paper, then cut smaller drawings into personalized gift tags. Mount other two-dimensional projects on scrapbooking paper, then tape them to gift bags to create one-of-a-kind appliques recipients can treasure.

Magnetize It

Stick your lists and photos in style with do-it-yourself magnets. Purchase small wooden disks from a crafts store, then paint them in bright colors. Let dry. Cut circles from artwork, then use gel glue to secure the paper to the disks. Spray with several coats of polyacrylic gloss sealer, and use superglue to affix magnets to the back. Display magnets on the fridge or any magnetic surface, and let kids admire their handiwork.

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