Learn how to tie four must-know knots essential to macrame.


Know Your Knots

1. Lark's Head: Secures rope or yarn to the pendant frame (or whatever you're macrameing).

2. Square Knot: Tied over and over in a tight repeat, it makes a chunky cover for the pendant's electrical cord. Learn how to create this know below.

3. Alternating Square Knot: Makes the diamond pattern that covers the pendant frame. Starting with eight cords, you tie rows of square knots, alternating the cords you use with each row.

4. Spiral Knot: Simple knots wind into a twisting pattern. Another great cord cover.

How to Tie a Square Knot

1. Start with a pair of lark's head knots. Bring far left cord over two middle cords and under far right one. Bring far right cord under middle two and over far left.

2. Pull tight. Don't let cords twist.

3. Bring far left cord under middle two and over far right. Bring far right cord over middle two and under left one.

4. Pull tight. Repeat with next two pairs of cords, working around cage to form a row of square knots. Then tie alternating square knots around bulb cage.

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May 8, 2018
Nice tutorial! I love the macrame knots tie tutorial.