How to Paint a Chevron Shade

Custom window treatments don't have to be complicated. Add personality with this easy painting project that you can tailor to your own taste.

Chevron Shade

The clean look of a Roman shade doesn't have to be bland. We painted a chevron repeat on this basic purchased shade. The pattern elevates the look of the window treatment without sacrificing simplicity, especially in a quiet color such as a neutral beige or gray. Follow along with our steps below to get this gorgeous shade in your home right away.

What You Need

  • Solid white Roman shade
  • Yardstick
  • Plastic artist's triangle tool
  • Pencil
  • Painter's tape
  • Latex paint
  • Paint roller

Step 1: Measure Shade

Measure and mark the midpoint of the shade to center the chevron pattern. Measure the shade's length so that you can create the appropriate width and spacing for the pattern.

Editor's tip: We used 4-inch spacing for this chevron pattern, but you can modify your pattern to fit the scale of your window treatment.

Step 2: Trace Pattern

Using the artist's triangle tool and pencil, and beginning at the top of the shade, draw the first painted chevron zigzag. Begin by turning the triangle tool so the point is up. Find the center you previously marked; line up the lower right edge of the triangle with that point, making sure triangle is level. Trace above the triangle tool. Repeat on the other half of panel, lining up the lower left edge of triangle tool with the center point and tracing above the triangle tool.

Step 3: Continue Pattern

Chevron Shade Materials

Fill the width of the panel. To determine the center point of the next line, measure down from the first top center point you marked. Trace the triangle tool. Tape above the top line and below the bottom pencil line. You will later paint the area between the taped lines.

For the next zigzag (unpainted), measure down 4 inches from the top of the tape edge. Find the center point of the pattern. Trace the triangle tool, and tape above the pencil line. Measure and draw the next line, taping below this line for the next painted stripe. Continue until your shade is covered.

Step 4: Paint and Finish

Painting wider sections

Use your chosen paint color and a roller to paint every other stripe, painting only within the wider taped sections. Just before paint is completely dry, carefully pull back tape to reveal crisp lines. Use a small paintbrush to fix any uneven lines or mistakes.

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