Handsome Belted Pillow

Cinch a leather belt securely around a tassel-trimmed, linen sleeve surrounding a silk pinstripe pillow for an unexpected touch of masculinity. Shorten the belt by carefully trimming off the excess with a crafts knife; add holes with a leather punch.

What you'll need:

1 yard of striped silk

5/8 yard of linen

2 yards of knotted fringe trim

28x14-inch pillow form

Leather belt with metal buckle

Quantities specified are for 52/54-inch-wide fabrics. All measurements include 1/2-inch seam allowances unless otherwise noted. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut the fabrics

From striped silk, cut: Two 29x15-inch rectangles

From linen, cut: One 14x29-inch rectangle

From knotted fringe trim, cut: Two 30-inch lengths

Assemble the pillow

  1. Sew the striped silk rectangles together, leaving an 18-inch opening along one long side; turn. Insert the pillow form through the opening; hand-stitch the opening closed.
  2. Turn each long edge of the linen rectangle under 1 inch; press. Fold rectangle in half with right side inside. Sew the short ends together to make a tube and turn right side out.
  3. Stitch one length of knotted fringe trim to each edge of the linen tube. Slip the tube over the striped silk pillow.
  4. Wrap the belt around the pillow; buckle. If necessary for a tight fit, punch additional holes in the leather and carefully trim the excess leather with a crafts knife.


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