Pen your way to pin-worthy style with these pretty hand-lettered project ideas.


Signature Style

Are your walls begging for a new look? Create a gorgeous, attention-grabbing gallery wall by grouping framed sentiments in a favorite gathering space. These hand-lettered pieces are made with simple materials: watercolor and metallic papers; Sharpie permanent markers in gold, white, and black; and a few color pencils. Add frames, and -- voilà! -- your words are golden.

Say the Word

For this festive artwork, we sketched a ribbon banner in pencil, then embellished with watercolor pencil. A small brush and just a bit of water create a subtle wash of pink. We used a golden paint pen to add the message, "c'est bon," -- French for "It's good."

Tip: Stick with white frames and mats to help soft colors and delicate shapes pop off the walls.

Lettered Lines

The type of paper you use is important, especially with a simple design like this one, where the paper is so visible. Here, a favorite line from a classic book is rendered in thick gold Sharpie on robin's-egg blue cardstock.

Let It Burn

Create a tabletop worthy of a woodsy retreat with this charming DIY project guaranteed to impress your guests. Using a woodburning tool, we added guests' names to log sections. Have each family member or guest write his or her name in pencil on the log pieces, then burn the letters into the wood to make keepsakes of those kindergarten printed letters or Grandma's pretty signature.

Type Treatment

Add wow to ordinary curtains with a subtle hand-written treatment. We used a white Sharpie marker to write the word lovely on cream-tone paper and uploaded it to, a service that prints custom designs onto fabric, wallpaper, and more. We had the design printed onto heavy cotton twill and fashioned it into curtain panels.

Sweet Sentiments

Tiny pieces of lettering in wall art and textiles sweeten this bedroom with sentimental style. To re-create this look, use color copies of treasured notes, letters, and photos to make heart-warming collages, then frame.

Cheery Corner

Creating a cohesive art corner works best if you work within the same color family. We used the pastel palette found in our Paris photo to inspire our collage silhouettes. When layering the pieces of the top silhouette, we used small clear adhesive dots that would disappear under the vellum silhouette, letting the flowers show.

Collaged Beauty

This little masterpiece is a grown-up take on those magazine collages you made as a kid. Stoke the nostalgia by embellishing a wood veneer silhouette wth a handwritten line of poetry, watercolor flowers, and cutouts from a bird-watcher's guide.

Set the Scene

There's a lot to love about a festive fete, and this simple setup is no exception. Welcome guests to a cocktail party (or baby shower or brunch) with an entertainment center set up for the occasion. We used hand-lettered elements around a bar cart (you could use a table or sideboard) to personalize the fete.

On the Menu

Dig the outdoors? Serve up rustic style at your next gathering with a pretty, practical DIY menu. This wood slice gets a party-perfect makeover with chalkboard paint and a drink recipe lettered with a white chalk marker. We opted for a chalk marker rather than a traditional stick of chalk because it offers smoother lines.

Wired for Fun

Set the mood for a cheerful celebration with this creative twist on a classic banner. We bent thin copper wire to spell "let's be happy," then made it cozier by wrapping the wire with nubby yarn flecked with gold glitter and variegated shades of pink. The wire words loop around nails on the edges of the frames, anchored with additional unwrapped wire to ensure stability.

Sweet Wrappings

Make presents feel even more thoughtful with custom-designed wrapping paper. Simply scrawl a sweet message, then scan and upload the design to


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