Make Your Own Geode-Inspired Paint Projects

Incorporate the bright, shimmering colors found in natural stones into your home decor with these pretty paint projects inspired by geodes and agates.

Agate Projects

Geodes are joining succulents and live-edge furniture as one of the latest trends to bring natural elements into your home. They shimmer with bright colors and interesting layers—it's no wonder why stylists are going crazy for these stunning stone designs. Incorporate geodes and agates into your space while saving money by making your own DIY paint projects.

1. Pour-Over Art

A little bit of water can make acrylic paint go a long way with this gemstone canvas art. The realistic design comes from pouring paint that has been mixed with water onto the surface. Diluting the paint makes the thick acrylic pourable and flexible. The dripping paint blends itself as you tilt and turn the canvas, creating those perfectly layered lines and curves. See how at Bloom.

2. Drag and Drop

This blogger took her passion for science and turned it into art. Inspired by nature's beautiful rocks, she found a way to re-create the layers of color using paint and a sheet of cardboard. Check out how she drags the paint across the surface of the canvas to make waves of color. We recommend using metallics mixed into the sea of color to get that signature shimmery look geodes are known for! Learn more from Jennifer Rizzo.

3. Controlled Design

If you want a little more control over your art versus pouring paint onto a surface, check out this technique. Using acrylic paint and a paintbrush, drag the paint across the canvas to create layers of colors. The marbled look will imitate that of a gemstone. Use a variety of paintbrushes to get a more natural design. See more at Bloom.

4. Watercolor Wonders

Watercolor painting isn't just for elementary school days. With the right techniques, you can make your own watercolor masterpieces that resemble trendy agates. Watercolor is a great medium for painting natural elements because of its ability to blend paint colors so seamlessly. Once you have the basics down, see what happens to your agate watercolor art when you add a pinch of salt! Check it out at Persia Lou.

5. Marbled Technique

If you're wondering where you've seen the geode look before, you may be thinking of the popular marbling trend. Marbling with paint creates a similar layered look to natural rock, and there are several ways to achieve it. This blogger used torn pieces of cardboard to scrape through wet paint for geode-inspired artwork. See how she did it on Gorgeous Shiny Things.

6. Make Your Mark

Make your own coaster art with this set of geode-inspired ceramics. The interesting technique lets you "paint" with the ink from a permanent marker. Using rubbing alchohol, you can push and spread the ink to work like watercolors. See more at 5 O'Clock Design.

7. Rockin' Desk

Achieve a toned-down version of a geode-covered desktop at a reasonable price by making your own painted surface. Using a fan brush, drag paint in circular shapes while maintaining a monochromatic color scheme. The final look is subtle from afar but impressive when you take a moment to appreciate the intricate details. Get the DIY how-to from Little Green Notebook.


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