Fresh Ways to Decorate with Flowers

Nothing looks prettier than a display of fresh flowers. DIY your way to the perfect floral container, vase, or centerpiece, and let the compliments roll in!

Vase Variety

glass vase centerpieces

Decorate for your next patio party by picking flowers from your own backyard. Gather tiny glass bottles, and scatter them down the center of your table on a matching runner. Each of the vases should hold one to four stems of your favorite flowers. Guests will enjoy the variety of colors and scents.

Floral Monogram

flowered B

This bright DIY monogram can be made with fresh or faux ranunculus flowers. Shape a letter or symbol out of cardboard and glue together. Fill your letter box with small jars, and accent with one or two flowers per container.

Carnation Container


Assemble this vase quicker than you can pick carnations. Gather any glass or plastic cylinder vase, hot glue, and rope. Wrap the cylinder in the rope, gluing as you go. Add water and flowers when complete. Pair two or more vases for a stunning centerpiece.

Freshen Up the Old

Easter Egg Door Decor

Is your watering can in disrepair? Don't toss it! Instead, upcycle and create this adorable front door decor. All you need is a small group of pink tulips, some fresh greens, and a ribbon. Use contrasting colors to make a bold statement, or complement the flowers with decor in a similar hue.

Pretty Hardware

Flower wall art

This eye-catching floral gallery wall is an easy single-afternoon project. The industrial-chic display uses 10x10-inch squares of maple-veneer, U-bolt hardware, plastic vials, and hanging wire. Fill 1/3 of each vial with water and showcase your favorite blooms.

Industrial Centerpiece

table runner

Old coils combine with a driftwood plank to create this lovely floral centerpiece fit for any breakfast nook. Find vases to fit within each of the springs. Hot-glue the bottom of the vase to the plank and fill with flowers or candles as desired.

Purple Glass and Petals

Easy Flower Bouquet in Glass Bottles

Use vintage bottles to create this welcoming garden wall. Lavender glass draws out color from surrounding flowers. Secure antique vases to your fence with thin wire and fill with your favorite wild blooms. Neighbors will be jealous of your backyard's good looks!


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