22 Fresh and Fun Decoupage Projects You Can Do This Week

Decoupage flower vase
Ever wonder how you can update old dishes and vases? Trying to make the perfect birthday card? Haven't found the ideal DIY hostess gift? Decoupage medium can help you do all these DIY projects and more.

Decoupage Mod Chair

Break out your favorite hard-coat decoupage medium to create this cute furniture piece. Clean a chair and place decorative paper over the seat. Use a damp sponge or towel to smooth the paper over the form of the chair. Apply three to five coats of decoupage medium to the chair.

Message in a Bottle

Cut photos and paper messages to fit a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Using a foam brush, coat the front of each image with a glossy decoupage medium. Press the images down on the outside of the bottles, smoothing out air bubbles as you go. When dry, assemble your bottle collection on a shelf or mantel.

Geo Cabinet Door Handles

For this cute hardware design, cover wooden blocks with washi tape, gold leaf, and acrylic paint. Attach the tape to the blocks at 45 degree angles, and fill in the remaining space with paint and gold leaf. Finish the design with decoupage medium, and screw each block onto cabinetry.

Global Design

These trendy orbs can be created with just a few basic supplies. Start with paper or foam balls and an old map. Cut the map into 1/2- or 3/4-inch strips; coat the ball with adhesive. Apply the map strips to the orbs and apply decoupage medium over the top as you go.

Use scraps of tissue paper to embellish a plain pitcher for a pretty, one-of-a-kind decoupage design.

How to Decoupage Porcelain with Tissue Paper

Embellish a plain white porcelain pitcher with pretty strips of tissue paper. Decoupage medium plays a big role in this one-of-a-kind design.

Shiny Serving Station

Make a one-of-a-kind serving station for your next gathering with this sparkling display. Cut out paper triangles and place a letter stencil on each shape. Loosely apply decoupage medium around the letter and pour glitter on top. Shake off glitter and remove letters. Use clothespins to hang your word or message to a string or streamer and attach to a simple plywood frame.

Fruit Podge

Craft these adorable fruit ornaments with foam balls, crepe paper, and decoupage medium. Carve and sand foam balls to the proper shape for each fruit. Cut crepe paper into small strips and apply decoupage medium to each strip. Cover your fruit one strip at a time, working from bottom to top. Screw in small hooks to hang the fruit.

Glittery Gifts

Add sparkling expression to a gift box with decoupage medium and glitter. Using a circular crafts sponge, place decoupage dots along one side of a gift box. Spread glitter on each dot. Repeat over the other three sides and the lid. To finish, add another thin layer of decoupage medium to each dot.

Tile Tabletop

Create a decorative tabletop with matte decoupage medium, ceramic tiles, and scrapbook paper. Cut paper to match the size of the tiles, and use a foam brush to apply a light coat of decoupage medium to each tile. Place a paper cutout on each tile and apply another coat of decoupage. Roll out bubbles with a small rubber roller and finish the tile with a clear acrylic sealer. Place the tiles in a fitted wooden frame that runs the length of your table.

Gilded Photo Mount

For this easy DIY wall art, use decoupage medium to secure a photo to cardboard backing. Apply gold spray paint to a flat dowel and half a binder clip. Attach the dowel, binder clip, and photo together with permanent crafts adhesive.

Fancy Hangers

Make boring wooden hangers pop in your closet. Cut decorative paper to fit the front of the hanger. Apply a small layer of adhesive to the hanger before applying the decorative paper. Apply decoupage medium over the paper, keeping edges smooth.

Did you know that you can turn foilage into stunning nature-inspired diy artwork? You likely already have all the supplies you'll need.

Make Botanical Art with On-Hand Supplies

Turn foliage into stunning nature-inspired designs. How? You probably have all the supplies you'll need.

Sparkly Message Board

Dazzle your office or crafts space with this DIY bulletin board. Measure and mark stripes with a straight edge, taping off as you go. Paint the exposed sections with white latex paint. Remove tape when dry, and tape off a selection of unfilled strips. Brush on decoupage medium and lightly spread fine glitter across the stripes. Apply a clear acrylic spray sealer over the entire board.

Creative Card

Create a delicious-looking sno-cone card with patterned cardstock, glitter crystals, and decoupage medium. Cut the card, message, and cone shapes from cardstock. Apply decoupage in a half-circle at the top of the card. Shake a rainbow of crystals onto the medium, letting colors overlap. Apply decoupage medium over the top and use it to attach the cone and sentiment.

Marble Magic

Stone decor is on the hot list in home design. Mimic the look (for cheap!) with decorative paper and hard coat decoupage medium. Trace and cut paper to fit on drawer and door fronts as well as the top of the furniture piece you'd like to refinish. Apply thin, even layers of decoupage medium to the furniture and gently press the paper into place. Smooth out trapped air with a squeegee, brayer, or credit card. Seal with a decoupage top coat when dry.

Mapped Out

This DIY map artwork is an easy route to adorable decor. Cut a map to cover a canvas. Choose a word, symbol, or phrase and print it onto the cut map. Use a spray adhesive to affix the map to the canvas, then use a glossy finish decoupage medium to seal the look. Use two coats for long-lasting wall art.

Fabric Stepping Stones

Make your garden glow with these lovely fabric stepping stones. Use bold patterns that represent the shape of your outdoor stones. Apply outdoor decoupage medium to the step and then the fabric. Let dry and apply a spray sealant.

Kitsch Dish

Design your own serving tray with a clear glass or plastic plate, decoupage medium, and vintage advertisements. Trim the advertisements to size, and adhere the paper to the underside of the dish using decoupage and a foam brush. Be sure to smooth out bubbles, pressing from the center and working toward the edges.

Coffee Table Makeover

Extra wallpaper can go a long way. Try this DIY coffee table makeover by applying leftover wallpaper cut to the size of your furniture's surface. Apply a thin layer of decoupage medium in a hard coat finish, followed by the paper. For extra protection, apply another layer of the decoupage and clear acrylic sealer.

Glitter Glow

Jazz up a room with fun glitter candles. These cuties are made by applying a layer of decoupage medium and fine glitter to a small jar. Cover the project in a layer of spray sealant. When dry, place small beads and a candle inside the jar.

Natural Selection

On a clear glass vase, apply beautiful images to create a nature-inspired scene. Make color copies of book images or cut out pictures from magazines. Apply decoupage medium to the front of each image, then secure it to the inside of the vase. Layer the images, then mask the outside of the vase and spray-paint the inside.

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