Embroidery hoops may be our latest crafts-store obsession. They're cheap, easy to find, and so versatile. Use these on-a-dime DIY ideas to turn basic embroidery hoops into focal-point decor.


Skip the spendy retail version of these decorative orbs and DIY your own! With two sets of embroidery hoops, a few tacks, and metallic spray paint, we crafted these beauties in a matter of minutes.

No-Frills Mobiles

DIY Budget Projects

Enlist bits of lace to create whimsical, one-of-a-kind mobiles. Gather various shapes and sizes of embroidery hoops and lace scraps to create a sweet, delicate mix of mobiles that'll steal the show in any setting. Get the how-to instructions.

Fun and Functional Organizers

orange desk

Turn your desktop into a pretty and productive work environment. A coordinated trio of embroidery hoops cleverly outfitted with fabric storage pockets takes wall art to a new level. We dedicated pockets for incoming and outgoing mail, but you can customize to suit your needs -- and your clutter conundrums!

Cute Catchalls

Embroidery Hoop Bag

Hang these wide-mouth bags anywhere you need a place to stash often-used items. A wooden embroidery hoop keeps each bag open, and hooks on the backs make them easy to suspend from a rod.

Natural Blooms

diy flower

Enjoy fresh blooms year-round with this simple embroidery project starring lavender and dandelions. Get the project pattern and how-to.

Crafty Christmas Tree

sweater tree

Who knew an old Christmas sweater and 16 itty-bitty embroidery hoops could become the ultimate cozy craft? Permission to bust out the scissors. Get the how-to instructions.

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