Minimalism is in, and clutter is out. Check out these easy DIY projects that will help you clear your space, add some style, and enjoy the little things.

By Hannah Bruneman

Minimalism is the practice of living a clutter-free life. Filled with natural elements and lots of black and white decor, minimal spaces have a sense of calm throughout. Clear your own space of unnecessary stress by making these easy minimalist DIYs. Whether it's a small decor detail or a weekend project, these home accents will simplify your life in minimalist style.

Holed Up

Pegboards aren't just for the garage or kitchen. Enlarged in size and hung in a row, these customizable panels are the perfect complement to any minimalist style. Switch out shelves and create new storage as you cycle through your favorite plants or latest accessories. Make your own giant pegboard using just a few materials and a power drill thanks to this project from Vintage Revivals.

Smooth Surface

A minimalist would never clutter the coffee table with magazines, let alone water stains! Keep your tabletop protected against condensation with a set of DIY coasters. This hexagon design from Homey Oh My is extra trendy with a dark marble design. Formed from clay and baked in the oven for 25 minutes, these are fun to make, too!

Barely There

Minimalist design is all about function and less about flair. This covert side table from Sinnen Rausch tucks neatly under your couch while resting conveniently on the side to hold a drink or snack. The wood base is easy to create and can be customized to fit any space. Plus, with less surface area on the side table, there is less room for clutter to gather!

Geometric Decor

Sharp lines, strong contrast, and plenty of white space are key components to a minimalist room. Get inspired by those elements when creating your next wall-art masterpiece. And you don't have to live in a minimalist paradise to make it; this geometric art piece from Make Do and DIY looks stunning among any style.

Shelf Life

Easy shelves like these are perfect for a rental home or apartment because they leave fewer holes in your walls. Tied together with string and hung on a dainty hook, these gorgeous floating shelves from Why Don't You Make Me show off the understated beauty of minimalism. Top with air plants or treasured mementos for a personalized look.

X Marks the Spot

For a truly clutter-free life, even your storage containers can benefit from a minimalist makeover. Ditch bulky boxes or slouching bags that hold small but necessary items. This X-shape stand from Homed It is perfect for magazines or spare pillows. Made from scrap wood, this project can be painted to fit any space.

Mirror, Mirror

An over-the-door mirror is convenient but not always stylish in a minimalist room. Take the mirror off its hooks and instead prop it up on a sleek DIY stand. This project from The Merry Thought is easy to make and looks beautiful. This blogger kept it simple, but we think a stain or coat of neutral paint would be just as pretty.

Grid Look

Tired of ordinary corkboard for organization? Get back on the grid with this metal wall display. Perfect for displaying important reminders, fun pictures, or organized lists, this inexpensive project is just what you need to streamline your minimalist space. With inspiration from blogger DIY in PDX, your room will look organized in no time.

Natural Art

If you're looking for an impressive art piece you can make fast, here's your solution. Sarah posted this DIY eucalyptus wall-hanging craft on her blog, Stories, and we are loving it. The natural elements and simple design look great against a plain white wall in need of some sprucing up.

Time Flies

This minimalist project is for those who prefer to tell time without all the details. Even in the absence of numbers and gridlines, this easy DIY clock from The Lovely Drawer presents the time clearly and does so in style. Plus, its stark black strap looks striking contrasted against a white wall.


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