Easy Home Decor Crafts and Projects

Embellished hand towels hanging from rod
These super-simple crafts and decor projects will give your home standout style.

Shelf Pizzazz

Upgrade basic white floating shelves with pretty hardware. We spray-painted our shelf supports a pretty pink. Another must-try shelf project? Turn an old drawer into a box shelf (next to chair) with a little paint, a divider, and hanging hardware.


Need new wall art? Grab a yard of fabric, a canvas, and a staple gun and we'll show you how to make a quick art piece that suits any space.

Fabric Art

Turn a pretty piece of fabric into large-scale art. Watch and see how easy it is.

Quickly add style to your home with the easiest window treatment ever.

Easy Window Treatment

Dress up a plain window with this easy treatment that mimics the look of a Roman shade.

Framed Up

Even if the art inside a frame isn't your style, a pretty frame is still a secondhand score. Round up a series of pretty frames, remove the art, spray-paint them in a unifying color scheme, and arrange them on a wall.

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

Monogrammed Pillow

Personalize a pillow in 30 minutes with a pretty monogram. Watch and see how.

Paint a Vase

Give milk glass vases (a thrift store staple) a custom look with paint. To paint, wash and dry vases. Firmly adhere a line of painter's tape where you'd like the color to stop. Brush on acrylic crafts paint (we used gold) and let dry; repeat for best coverage. Once dry, remove the tape and enjoy!

Update a plain pillow with painted stripes in just a few quick steps.

Striped Pillow

Use fabric paint to embellish a plain pillow with stripes. Watch and see how.

Stitched Lampshade

Simple stitches transformed this plain pleated shade. Choose colors of embroidery floss that match your decor and plan out a pretty design. We stitched long stitches to create the vertical lines, added V shapes in two colors, and completed the design with hash marks underneath.

Think beyond pictures and create a personalized gallery of artwork using unique items.

Personalize an Art Display

Turn small found objects into a fun and custom art display. Watch and see how it's done.

Be-Ribboned Lampshade

For an even easier lampshade embellishment, try this. Cut ribbons to fit around a lampshade and tie the ends in a knot to secure. For extra stability, secure the ribbons with a few dots of hot glue.

Printable Artwork

Spruce up your walls with this free printable. Simply download, print, trim, and frame. 

Trim Out Curtains

Give off-the-rack curtains a custom treatment with grosgrain ribbon. Cut ribbon to length and attach to the curtain edges. You can either stitch the ribbon in place or use iron-on adhesive.

Custom Paint Job

This chair was completely brown before a little yellow paint was applied to the vertical spindles. Tape off the areas you don't want painted. Brush on interior/exterior latex primer, let dry, then apply latex paint in your chosen color. For tight detail work -- like these vertical slats -- the secrets are careful taping and a 1/2-inch flat detail brush.

Vase Wrap

Simple rope from the hardware store can dress up even the plainest of vases. Just coil the rope around an inexpensive vase and secure with glue. 

Line Up

Instead of having a boring background in your hutch, jazz it up with a pattern. Line the back of your cabinet or hutch with decorative paper that coordinates with your room's color scheme. The metallic paper in this cabinet also adds a little sparkle.

Lace-Patterned Vase

Wrap a wide scrap of lace around a clear glass vase to create this reversed effect. Use spray adhesive to affix the lace to the glass, then spray the glass evenly with white spray paint. Let it dry, the remove the lace to reveal the see-through pattern.

Picture Frame to Serving Tray

Reuse an old picture frame as a practical serving tray. Remove the glass of a large frame. Paint the frame in your desired color. Attach drawer pulls to the short sides of the frame. Insert the glass with a piece of pretty fabric or decorative paper behind it.

Feather Wreath

Use basic yarn to create these fine feathers, and use them to embellish anything, whether it's a wreath or a gift.

Doodled Teapot

Dress up a plain teapot by doodling on designs. Draw your doodle on white paper and cut the piece of paper down to size (so that you can lay it over the item you'll be tracing the design onto). Cut a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than the area to be doodled, and tape it to the teapot. Tape the pattern over the transfer paper. Using a pencil, firmly trace the pattern lines to transfer the design to the teapot. Remove the pattern and the transfer paper. Using a paint pen, trace the lines and let dry. Cure the paint by baking the piece in the oven, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Table Skirt

Hide the base of an old side table with a fabric skirt. Cut a piece of fabric to the diameter and height of the table, leaving extra for a hem allowance. Hem the fabric. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach the hemmed fabric to the edge of the table.

Decoupage Design Tabletop

Decoupage a lovely design on a thrift store table. Paint the table with two coats of metallic paint. Cover with metallic glaze for extra shine. Let dry. Cut a scrap of wallpaper to cover the tabletop. Coat the top with decoupage glue. Position the paper, pressing carefully to remove any air bubbles. Cover with multiple layers of glue. Let each coat dry before applying the next. Finish with a spray sealant.

Fireplace Screen

Create an easy screen to mask your fireplace -- or any space -- when it's not in use. This bold geometric print pops in front of the white fireplace and mantel.

Here's how to make it: Cut four pieces of 1/2-inch-thick particleboard to your desired size. (The screen's size depends on what you want it to cover. This fireplace is 32 inches wide; the screen is made from four 12x36-inch boards, which came precut from a home improvement store). Use interior latex paint to coat the boards in a color that complements your wallpaper (here, black). Cut strips of wallpaper 2 inches wider and longer than the particleboard. Apply a light layer of spray adhesive to one side of the board and to the back of the wallpaper. Press the adhesive side of the paper onto the adhesive side of the board. Start at the top middle and work your way down, smoothing air bubbles as you go. Wrap the excess around to the back and secure. Repeat for the other boards. Let the boards dry. Use superglue to affix small hinges to connect the boards on the painted side. Move the screen before you use the fireplace; this screen is for decorative purposes only.

Lace-Wrapped Vase

For a quick reface, simply cut beaded lace trim to fit around a vase; then, attach the lace to the back of the vase with a dot of hot glue.

Patchwork Shower Curtain

Brighten early mornings with warm colors in a pieced-together shower curtain. Make this uncomplicated project for the bathroom.

Floral Stenciled Dresser

Nondescript wood dressers can often be found for rock-bottom prices at garage sales. To give them a dose of character and contemporary style, cover the top in color and embellish the fronts with stencils. Removing drawers in favor of lined and labeled baskets is another easy way to add color and charm.

Stylish Hand Towels

Make plain hand towels stylish. Embroider fabric dots on the front. Or, add a hemmed border along the bottom. Topstitch ribbon over the seam.

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