Get all the tassel without the hassle! You'll want to add tassel decor to every room in your home with these quick and easy home accents that are a piece of cake to put together.

By Bri Levandowski

Dip-Dye Tassel Decor

bedroom wall art

Create a pop of color in minutes with this tassel decor. Hang a number of tassels from string loops. Dip the ends of each tassel into a colorful dye of your choice. Let dry and hang loops from bamboo rods. Intersperse the colors, or keep them all separated for eye-catching appeal.

Tassel Umbrella

chaise lounges with umbrella

The great outdoors just got even lovelier. Loop rope or ribbon loosely around your umbrella every 6-8 inches. Tie a tassel to the center of each loop. Be sure to use materials that can withstand the weather and sun.

Tassel Napkin Holders

fall crafts

Make yarn your new best friend with this classy tassel project. For your next dinner party, wrap your silverware in a napkin, then add this simple knotted tassel. Because yarn is inexpensive, you can easily afford to follow your party's color scheme.

Decorative Hangings

outdoor dining area

There's something refreshing about DIY decor. Whether it's the handcrafted vibe or the one-of-a-kind look, DIY projects are sure to grab attention, especially when they're lofty loops of string and rope. Create a tassel curtain, stitch tassels to a blanket, or knot and fray a rope for the perfect doorway greeting. DIY tassels are sure to please!

Chunky Blanket Tassel

blanket with tassels

These extra-large tassels take an extra step. Before knotting the head, place a small ball of yarn inside. This will keep the tassel head full and round. Stitch these chunky tassels to the ends of tapestries, throw blankets, or area rugs for an extra-large effect.

No-Sew Tassel Fringe

Tassel curtains

For this funky tassel fringe, all you'll need is some string, ribbon, a hot-glue gun, and your existing curtains. With the string, create tassels to your desired size. Use the hot-glue gun to adhere the tassels to the ribbon. Hot-glue or sew the ribbon fringe to your curtain, and enjoy your new look!

Suede Tassel Keychain

How to Make a Leather Tassel Key Chain- video still image

To make this cute tassel keychain, loop a ribbon of suede around your hand several times, creating a circle. Remove your hand from the circle, and secure one end of the loop (A) in your hand. Put the other end of the loop (B) through a key ring. Going between the key ring and loop B, thread loop A through to create a girth hitch. Pull tight and clip the ends of loop A to create the tassel.

DIY Fringe Pillow

pillow stencil

For this funky pillow, create a variety of tassels using different colors of embroidery thread. Using a fine thread, stitch the head of each tassel into the pillow's seam, hiding the finishing knot in the tassel. Add your new tassel throw pillow to your couch for a fashionable feature.

DIY Tassel Garland

yarn garland
Credit: Midwest Living Jen Rizzo- December 2015 Lisle IL Field Editor Joline Riviera Date December 16-17, Chair and tassel vignette

Here's a quick and easy tassel project you can make any time of the year. Create colored tassels for any holiday or event you have coming up. Thread twine or neutral yarn through each tassel, knotting them in place as you go, to create a garland. Your special-occasion tassel garland is ready to go up (and come down) as needed.

Door Frame Tassel Fix

colorful entryway

Nothing ushers guests out the door quite like an empty doorway. Just a small splash of color can keep eyes interested and moving around the room rather than out of it. Use curtain ties with tassel ends as a decorative touch near the entrance.

Switch Tassel

light with tassel

Standard pull-chain lights are easily damaged with their cheap chains. For a stronger and more beautiful fixture, switch out the pull with a decorative line of beads followed by a tassel. Create your own, or purchase decorative elements from a crafts store.


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