10 Simple DIY Wood Projects Anyone Can Make

mug holder wood project kitchen
Photo: Jason Donnelly

Whether reclaimed, sourced from a lumber yard, or purchased at your local home-improvement store, wood presents endless opportunities for creative projects. With a few simple tools and some fundamental woodworking skills, you can easily craft your own furniture and decor. Try one of these DIY wood projects to transform basic materials into stylish and functional pieces for indoors and out.

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DIY Ladder Shelf

gray ladder shelf with plants and books in living room
Carson Downing

Level up your storage and display space with this ladder-style shelf. The A-frame design features hinges at the top and shelves that increase in length from the top down. Paint or stain the finished shelf for added style.

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House Number Planter

exterior wood house numbers project
Carson Downing

This DIY wood project lets you display your home's address in style. Crafted from cedar boards, the custom sign displays metal house numbers on one end and a planter box on the other. Wire mesh within the planter allows for proper drainage to keep your plants thriving.

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DIY Modern Bookcase

bookshelf wood project DIY shelves books
Adam Albright

Alternating angled shelves put a modern twist on a classic bookcase. Start by building the exterior frame from pine boards. Make nonparallel 45-degree miter cuts to the short ends of a shelf board and angle it inside the bookcase. Secure both ends to the frame with screws. Add in the additional shelves, placing one end flat against the previous shelf and cutting the other end at an angle to fit against the side.

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Wood Wall Planters

Cedar Bar Cart on outdoor porch with various plants
Jason Donnelly

Assemble an entire living wall display with this wood project idea. Start with a wood cutting board (new or thrifted) and drill screws into the surface to support your plant. Cover the plant's roots with sphagnum moss, secure to the screws using clear fishing line, and hang. Repeart with several boards to create a living gallery wall.

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Kitchen Storage Rack

mug holder wood project kitchen
Jason Donnelly

Boost storage in your kitchen with this DIY peg rack. Use a square piece of Baltic birch as the back panel, and create a frame using 6-inch-wide birch boards. Mark the desired locations of the pegs on the back panel and drill corresponding holes into the wood. Insert dowels into the holes to form hanging pegs for mugs, utensils, and more.

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String Light Planters

built wood structure project chairs
Adam Albright

Display string lights anywhere in your yard with these hanging posts that double as container gardens. The 4x4 lumber posts are secured inside the planters using braces then set with concrete. Cup hooks attached to the top of each pole make it easy to string up your lights.

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DIY Wood Nightstand

bedroom night stand table wood project
Jason Donnelly

Construct a simple wood shelving unit to serve as a floating nightstand. Inside the square frame, an additional compartment provides a handy spot to store electronics. The plywood backing can be customized with any color.

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DIY Pegboard Organizer

craft wall wood DIY project office
Edmund Barr

This DIY pegboard panel is easily customizeable to suit your space and storage needs. Drill a grid pattern of holes into a plywood board, and use dowels to hang tools or support shelf boards. Paint it any color you please and let dry before hanging.

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Modern Plant Stand

square and rectangular modern planters on stoop
Carson Downing

Build this modern DIY plant stand using weather-resistant medium-density overlay (MDO). The frame consists of four square panels with a circular hole cut into the top. A galvanized metal bucket rests inside to form a modern farmhouse-style planter.

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DIY Drawer Dividers

open drawer with dividers for silverware and spatulas
Ryan Krull

This DIY wood project makes drawer organization simple. Arrange craft boards into compartments and cut to fit the dimensions of your drawer. Secure with wood glue and let dry before placing inside the drawer.

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