DIY Welcome Signs That Greet Guests in Style

Say hello with a homemade sign.

A welcome sign for your front door or porch adds an inviting touch before a guest even steps inside. And making one doesn't have to take a ton of time or money either. Get creative with chalk-finish paint, repurpose a scrap piece of wood, or scour the craft store for colorful vinyl lettering, then get ready to let your DIY sign be the welcoming committee.

Whether you're simply saying "hello" or the sign also serves as a reminder of when the house was purchased, these ideas for DIY welcome signs exude warmth and add charm to your home. Best of all, you don't need much more than some paint, wood, and a steady hand.

Party door welcome

Happy Hour Welcome Sign

This small welcome sign is easy to recreate by attaching a ribbon or cord to a picture frame's mounting hardware (sometimes you can find small frames with the cording already secured, too). If you have artistic chops or great penmanship, illustrate the sign yourself, otherwise print your note on quality paper. For an added charming detail, consider embroidering the sign. Just make sure it's protected by a pane of glass or plastic.

house with green door and hello sign on mailbox
Cameron Sadeghpour

Mailbox Welcome Sign

Turn a basic mailbox into a greeting with this simple DIY welcome sign. Lime-green lettering on the mailbox matches the front door, and vinyl lettering (which is typically weather-proof) is found at most craft stores. If you'd like to add texture, self-adhesive three-dimensional letters (available in tons of fonts) are also a good option.

What takes this vibrant stoop to the next level is the letter sign flourishing with greenery. It's a great way to add a personal touch without spelling out your full last name, which you might not want to do for privacy reasons or if you have a long name.

nautical themed mudroom with bench and hanging storage
Laura Moss

Cottage Welcome Sign

Give a beach house or cottage a bespoke touch with a personalized welcome sign. A salvage center is a great place to find reclaimed wood you can turn into a sign. Chalk-finish paint gives a rustic, matte appearance; leave a few spots blank or apply a very thin coat to achieve the look. You can also go over certain spots with a clean, dry brush, which will leave the paint looking sparse and weathered.

A stencil and black or navy spray paint helps evenly space the lettering, but if you're going for a homemade touch, you can instead go with a hand-lettered sign.

repurposed door black board with welcome
Laura Moss

Chalkboard Door Sign

Turn an old door into a cheerful, inviting sign with the help of a little chalkboard paint. You can apply it directly on wood or over glass as long as you use a light touch; it sticks beautifully without needing much prep. Change the greeting based on the season or customize it for visitors. The front door features another small hanging sign, which prominently displays the house number.

family sign with decorative basket storage in cubbies
Nathan Schroder

DIY Family Sign

A custom sign like this will be a focal point in your house for years to come. Many craft stores carry shiplap signs in raw wood that you can paint any color or simply seal for a more rustic look. Then use stencils or stickers (or enlist the help of a professional calligrapher) to add lettering. If you prefer to give the sign some dimension, use house or mailbox letters screwed into the sign.

If you like the idea of lettering yourself but aren't sure about your handwriting, print out the wording in a font you like, turn the print-out over (it can be helpful to do this on a window or lightbox so you can see), then trace the lettering with pencil. Finally, place it pencil side down and trace over the letters using a ballpoint pen, which will transfer the graphite to your wood. Then you have a template you can follow with marker or paint.

chalkboard welcome sign on front door
Carson Downing

Small Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Repurpose an old chalkboard or use chalk-style paint and an empty picture frame to make this simple, inviting welcome sign. To give it a seasonal touch, switch out the ribbon depending on the holiday or time of year. Kids will love helping with this sign too, and you can always wipe away the greeting for something new.

laugh sign on front porch with loveseat
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Farmhouse-Style Porch Signs

Porch signs add rustic charm to your home, plus they're a relatively easy DIY project. For this simple 'Grow' sign, you just need a small chalkboard with a wood dowel attached (or try spray painting a wood skewer). Flowers planted in an old pair of gardening boots have a summery, farmhouse feel; just remember to add drainage holes through the soles.

Nearby, a 'Laugh' sign is versatile, but you can also create any word you want to greet guests. Many online stores offer the option to make your own stencil, which can be helpful for getting the lettering just right.

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