A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for a wall. But sometimes you need a little more pizzazz. These fresh ideas for wall treatments—like using reclaimed wood, painting an ombre pattern, or installing a mural—are guaranteed to liven up your space.


When it comes to home decorating, nothing packs a punch like a powerful wall treatment, be it a fresh coat of paint or a floor-to-ceiling graphic wallpaper print. How you choose to adorn your walls says a lot about you and your personal style. So draw inspiration from the ideas below, then pair your creativity and our step-by-step directions to create a unique wall treatment that's singularly yours!

decorative painting blue wall

Ombre Effect

This beautiful ombre wall is surprisingly simple to DIY. Start by painting the wall a base color. Then use a sponge to apply a darker paint color. This trick gives you control over paint concentration while creating a layered look.

Orange and Gray Bedroom

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is the perfect way to add cabin-chic style to any space. Find boards in varying sizes and wood grains, then attach to the wall with a drill, being careful to keep boards level. Exposed nailheads add to the rustic charm.

teal pattern wall

Hand-Stamped Pattern

Wall stamps are as easy to make as they are to customize. Plan out your pattern—like this diamond-shape design—and color scheme, create a stamp using foam, then get to work! The end result is simple but stunning.

Wood wall with blue bench and cowboy hat and boots

Barnwood Walls

Rustic boards are a funky way to dress up a hallway or statement wall. Start by finding salvaged wood. We recommend looking on Craigslist, searching local lumberyards, and checking out architectural salvage yards. Wood that's in good condition is the easiest to work with, but slight defects like knots or nail holes can add character.

play room

Stenciled Walls

Wall stencils combine the best of paint and patterns for a wow-worthy look. Start by prepping the wall with a fresh coat of primer. Once dry, attach stencils with painters tape. Fill in the pattern with paint by stippling—or gently dabbing paint in stencil openings. Repeat until all desired areas of the wall are stenciled. 

world map wallpaper and orange chairs

Wall Murals

Need a showstopper? Opt for a fun mural in a playroom, dining room, or hallway. Murals can be hand-painted—but don't fear if you skipped art class. The easiest and most effective option is to order a wallpaper mural and install it yourself.

finished painted sunset wall
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Painted Sunset

Ombre meet horizontal stripes. This fun accent wall mimics the sky during a sunset. Get the look by blending together five similar colors. Start with the darkest color at the bottom, then work your way up to the lightest color, blending between paint shades. 


Grasscloth Wallpaper

Textured and dimensional, grasscloth is no more difficult to apply than regular wallpaper—just be sure to use a non-staining adhesive. The paper works in almost any dry space, but consider covering just an accent wall instead of a full room. It's difficult to fully match up the lines between rolls, and grasscloth is more expensive than traditional wallpaper.

textured wall

Bold Wallpaper

Liven up a living space with bold patterned wallpaper. It's an easy (and fairly affordable) option for almost every room. Try it on an accent wall or in an overlooked space, like an entryway. 


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