Silver Leafing 1-2-3-4

Add a little glamour to any frame with thin sheets of real silver.

Frames covered with metal leaf are pretty enough to be the center of attention. Silver leaf leaves a patina that's impossible to achieve with a coat of spray metallic paint.

Transform any frame into a masterpiece with this project from Bargain Style magazine. See our easy instructions below.

Step 1

Clean the frame with a stiff brush to remove old, loose finishes. Brush the surface with a coat of clear acrylic sealer; let dry.

Brush or spray on a thin coat of leaf adhesive. Remove any puddles with a dry brush or cotton swab. Leaf adhesive, or size, goes on milky but dries clear.

Step 2

Transfer silver leaf to the frame using the tissue-paper dividers that come with the leaf. Use a soft brush to press leaf into the crevices. Don't worry if the leaf splits around the design of the frame. It will reveal the original color of the frame and add a sense of age to the finished piece.

Step 3

Brush away excess leaf with a soft brush. If you find more bare areas than you like, touch up the areas with more leaf. You may have to apply a dab of leaf adhesive to the area to make sure the additional leaf adheres. Protect the leaf with two or more coats of clear sealer.

Step 4

Hang finished frames in groupings on the wall or lean a few on a fireplace mantel. For even more glamour, add a mirror to one or more of the frames.


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