DIY Rock Knobs for Cabinets or Doors

Create your own hardware for your doors and cabinetry using material you can find in your own backyard: rocks!

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    Project That Really Rocks

    Buying hardware for your home can put a dent in your wallet. Venture into your backyard for material to make your own out of rocks -- after all, they're free and readily available. You'll go green and save some green in the process.

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    Here's everything you┬┐ll need to create some stone solid hardware:

    -- Smooth rock with a flat surface on one side

    -- Flathead machine screws

    -- Bowl of sand

    -- Two-part epoxy adhesive

    -- Small flat washers

    -- Lock washers

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    Rock Knobs: Step 1

    Go out in your garden or backyard in search of rocks that will make great knobs. The best are rocks with one flat surface and a rounded top for something to grab onto.

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    Rock Knobs: Step 2

    Use flathead machine screws with the accompanying nuts and washers for spacing. The length of the screws is up to you.

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    Rock Knobs: Step 3

    Place your rock in a tub or bowl of sand to stabilize it while you work. Be sure the flat side of your rock is facing up.

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    Rock Knobs: Step 4

    Mix up some two-part epoxy adhesive according to the directions. Make sure the adhesive is suitable for use on metal or concrete.

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    Rock Knobs: Step 5

    Apply a small amount of the adhesive to the rock and add your screw, head side down. Make sure it is centered. Let it set.

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    Rock Knobs: Step 6

    Add your new knobs to your doors or drawers. To create space between the knob and drawer, add a small washer or two. If you use a lock washer at the end, this will prevent the knob from loosening over time.

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