DIY Rock Knobs for Cabinets or Doors

DIY rock knobs on drawer

Create your own hardware for your doors and cabinets using material you can find in your own backyard: rocks.

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A Project That Really Rocks

DIY Rock drawer pull

Buying hardware for your home can put a dent in your wallet. Venture into your own backyard for material to make hardware out of rocks—after all, they're free and readily available. You'll go green and save some green in the process.

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Rock knobs materials

Here's everything you'll need to create some stone solid hardware:

-- Smooth rock with a flat surface on one side

-- Flathead machine screws

-- Bowl of sand

-- Two-part epoxy adhesive

-- Small flat washers

-- Lock washers

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Rock Knobs: Step 1

Rock knobs step one

Go out in your garden or backyard in search of rocks that will make great knobs. The best are rocks with one flat surface and a rounded top for something to grab onto.

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Rock Knobs: Step 2

Rock knobs step two

Use flathead machine screws with the accompanying nuts and washers for spacing. The length of the screws is up to you.

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Rock Knobs: Step 3

Rock knobs step 3

Place your rock in a tub or bowl of sand to stabilize it while you work. Be sure the flat side of your rock is facing up.

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Rock Knobs: Step 4

Rock knobs step four

Mix up some two-part epoxy adhesive according to the directions. Make sure the adhesive is suitable for use on metal or concrete.

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Rock Knobs: Step 5

Rock knobs step five

Apply a small amount of the adhesive to the rock and add your screw, head side down. Make sure it is centered. Let it set.

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Rock Knobs: Step 6

DIY rock knobs on drawer

Add your new knobs to your doors or drawers. To create space between the knob and drawer, add a small washer or two. If you use a lock washer at the end, this will prevent the knob from loosening over time.

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