Give your gallery wall the industrial treatment with a DIY pulley frame hanger.

By Sydney Price
May 30, 2018
hanging picture frames with pulleys

Industrial home decor features a blend of wood, metal, and natural woven textures. This hanging wall art display incorporates all three! You can usually find black pipe pieces at your local home improvement store, but if they don't have black, spray-paint silver ones to get the same look. Hunt for vintage pulleys online or at antiques shops. To complete the look, use vintage or distressed wood frames to show off old artwork or black-and-white family photographs.

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Drilling

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Industrial pipe curtain rod
black curtain rod
Step 1

Mount Pipe Rod to Wall

Add an elbow joint and flange to each end of the long pipe bar. Screw the flanges to the wall in desired location. If your pipe rod or artwork is especially heavy, you may need to hang the rod on wall studs for extra security.

adding d-rings to picture frame
Step 2

Attach Hangers to Frame

Remove hardware from the back of the frame so it won’t be in the way. Next, attach D rings to two adjacent corners of the frame with a drill and screws. You can add the D rings to either the top edge or one side of the frame, depending on whether you want the picture to be vertical or horizontal.

measuring twine for cut
threading twine though d-ring to hang picture
Step 3

Measure Twine

Secure the pulleys to the pipes with short pieces of twine, spacing out along the pipe so your frames will hang without overlapping. Figure out where you want your picture to hang. Measure the distance between the pipe rod and the frame's D rings. Cut a section of twine that is twice the length of that measurement. Thread the twine through one D ring on the back of the frame; tie in a double-knot to secure. Hot-glue to keep closed, if desired.

tying twine to picture frame hanging from pulley
Step 4

Attach Frame to Pulley

Thread the twine you tied onto the frame through the pulley, looping around the pulley two to three times. Thread the loose end of the twine through the D ring on the other side of the frame. Again, tie a double-knot to secure and hot-glue the knot for extra security. To attach multiple frames on the same length of rope, start with a longer piece of twine. Thread the rope through each D ring on one side of the frames, knotting as you go. Loop the loose end through the pulley, then tie knots down through each D ring on the other side of the frames. If you want the frames to hang flush to the wall, you may need to secure them with adhesive strips. Arrange a variety of sizes and shapes of frames to create a gallery wall.

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How difficult was this project?
June 25, 2018
I guess I don't get the distinction between Industrial and Redneck Kluge. Having the frames hang out a couple inches from the wall doesn't appeal to me, and they'd blow in the slightest wind.

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