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You have the inspiration, now learn how to complete your favorite DIY projects with the right techniques. Here's how to stencil a wall, gold-leaf accessories, paint furniture, and more with our DIY videos.

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    How to Stencil

    Wake up bland walls with pattern. Learn how to stencil a wall.

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    How to Wallpaper

    For a similar yet different pattern impact, use wallpaper to dress up walls. Here's how to hang wallpaper with ease.

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    How to Iron-On Transfer

    Turn a plain fabric item, such as a tote bag, towel, or pillow cover, into a custom piece with an iron-on transfer.

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    How to Photo Transfer

    Capture your favorite photos on almost any surface with a simple photo transfer technique.

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    How to Gold Leaf

    Bring shimmer and shine to humble accessories with an easy gold leafing technique.

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    How to Spray Paint

    With a few quick sprays you can add custom color to just about anything. Here's a foolproof method for spray painting.

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    How to Paint Furniture

    Transform a tired piece of furniture into a showpiece. Here's how to paint a piece of furniture to make the old look like new.

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    How to Install Laminate Floors

    Get a new flooring look in a weekend or less with easy-to-install laminate. Learn the secrets to success with these tips.

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    How to Paint a Wall

    A fresh coat of paints on the walls will  transform a room. Learn how to get professional-looking results.

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    DIY Patio Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

    Like the rooms inside our homes, there are limitless ways to decorate a deck or patio, especially when you introduce homemade outdoor furniture. Putting a personal spin on your outside seating area is as easy as modifying a tree stump, upcycling a slab of concrete, or building with unused pallets. We found 13 easy-to-follow DIY patio furniture tutorials to inspire your backyard transformation.
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