DIY Patterned Rug Upgrade

Update a basic patterned rug with colorful dye. We'll show you how.

There's nothing wrong with black and white, except that sometimes it can look a little blah. Spice up a plain rug with colorful liquid dye. The dye seeps into the fibers of the rug, giving it a unique color effect. We used a black-and-white rug, but this project works with any rug with a light and dark pattern.  

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What You Need

  • Drop cloth or other protective covering
  • Patterned rug with light and dark colors (we used a black-and-white rug)
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid dye

Step 1: Prep Work Space

Lay drop cloth or other protective covering on a flat work surface. Place rug on top, and smooth out any lumps or wrinkles. 

Step 2: Prep Dye

In a spray bottle, mix liquid dye with hot water. The more water you add, the lighter the color. Before dyeing the whole rug, test a small, inconspicuous area to see if you like the color effect. 

Step 3: Spray Dye

Spray the dye over the rug. Light areas will show the dye's true color; dark areas, such as the black patterned area, will absorb the dye differently. Continue applying dye until desired look is achieved. Let dry completely before walking on the rug.

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