Macrame is back in a big way, and we're giving it a fresh, modern spin. Create textured macrame lights using one simple knot.
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Macrame isn't just for planters and wall hangings. Give the old-school craft a modern vibe by tying knots around a pendant light, its cord, or both to create a retro-glam light fixture. Macrame works well with a ton of different materials. Cotton-nylon blend, braided cotton rope, garden cotton twine, paracord, or cotton yarn all work well, so find one in the color and texture you love and give it a try. We used a cotton yarn for this version.

The process isn't difficult; it just takes some time. Plan on six hours to make one macrame light fixture—a great weekend project. For safety, use an LED bulb that's 2.5 watts or less.

  • Start to finish 6 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Tying knots

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Secure Yarn to Frame

For this macrame project, you'll be working with 22 lengths of cording or yarn. Measure the height of the bulb cage and multiply by nine to determine the length of your cording. Cut 22 total lengths, then fold each one in half.

Begin by securing one length of yarn to the bulb cage by wrapping the folded end around the top rim of the cage and pulling the loose ends through the loop in what's called a lark's head knot. Make sure the two ends of the yarn are of equal length before pulling tight. Continue to secure all the lengths of yarn in the same way. You should end up with 22 knots evenly spaced along the top rim of the bulb cage.

common macrame knots
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How to Tie Macrame Knots

Use these different knot styles to create unique macrame patterns. 

Step 2

Tie Square Knots

Starting with a pair of the lark's head knots, create a square knot, bring the far left strand of yarn over the two middle strands and under the far right one. Bring the far right strand of yarn under the middle two and over the far left, then pull tight.

Then bring the strand on the far left under the middle two and over the one on the far right. Finish by bringing the strand on the far right over the middle two and under the left one. Pull tight.

Repeat with the next two sets of lark's head knots and keep working around the top of the cage until you have completed a full row of square knots. Continue making square knots down the cage, adjusting the tightness of the knot as the pendant widens.

Once finished, knot at the bottom of the frame and trim excess cords.

Editor's Tip
Editor's Tip

Set the cage on the neck of a bottle so you can easily rotate it as you macrame.


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