How To Make a Pretty Faux Geode

Get in on the amethyst geode trend with this fun DIY project. It's simple to make a stylish fake amethyst geode using inexpensive crafts store supplies like foam, paint, and vase-filler gems.

Add a touch of earthy sparkle to your home with pretty amethyst stone art. This DIY creation looks like it cost big bucks, but it can be made with budget-friendly crafts store materials. All you need is a foam sheet, paint, decorative gems, and a few simple tools. Plus, this project is doable for DIY-ers of almost any skill level. The most difficult part of the project is waiting for the layers of paintable coating, paint, and acrylic sealer to dry.

To get the look of our large amethyst geode, stick to a color scheme of tan, brown, gray, fuchsia, magenta, white, and gold. For a more modern approach, opt for an ombré look and use various shades of a single color. The geode painting palette is entirely up to you. Ready to get started? 

  • Working Time 2 Hours
  • Start to Finish 24 Hours
  • Difficulty         Projects Kind of Easy
  • Involves Painting, Sanding

What you need


  • Foam cutter
  • Spoon
  • Offset spatula
  • Fine-grit sanding sponge
  • Artists paintbrushes


  • 18×12×2-inch foam sheet
  • Paintable coating, we used FloraCraft Smooth Finish
  • Paper towel
  • Vase-filler gems in clear and pink
  • Magenta aquarium gravel
  • Acrylic sealer, we used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

How to do it

Step 1 Cut Stone Shape

Cut an organic oval from the foam sheet using the foam cutter. As you work, don't worry about creating a perfect shape; opt for uneven edges that look like natural stone. Once you've cut the oval, use a spoon to scrape out the stone's center, about ½ inch deep. Using an offset spatula, coat the top and edges of the foam with paintable coating. Let dry overnight. 

Step 2 Sand and Fill Center

When dry, lightly sand the oval. Remove any dust with a damp paper towel. Fill the concave center with alternating layers of clear and pink gems and gravel. This combination creates the illusion of fake crystals. Coat with acrylic sealer. Let set until dry. 

Step 3 Paint Rings

Dab and blend tan, brown, and gray paint on oval's sides. Using an artists paintbrush, outline the center hole with fuchsia, gray, and magenta rings.

Step 4 Smooth Paint

To blend colors, dab gray, white, and magenta paint onto a cardboard ring; drag the cardboard around the geode's perimeter. 

Step 5 Add Finishing Touches

Paint gray, gold, and fuchsia rings around the edges. Lightly blend with cardboard. Let paint dry one hour. Spread acrylic sealer across the foam surface for a shiny look; let dry.

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