DIY Entertainment Centers

DIY entertainment shelving
Turn your TV wall to into a multi-service space using our smart solutions for reducing clutter and pumping up style.

Mounted Gallery

Finding a bedroom-worthy entertainment center isn't easy. A simpler, more attractive solution is to frame your TV and make it part of a pretty gallery wall.

Tip: An inexpensive way to find coordinating artwork is to purchase several downloadable prints from the same designer or artist on Etsy. Anchor the artwork with a dresser so you're not sacrificing clothing and linen storage space.

Fashionably Framed

Turn a TV into a piece of art by surrounding it with a chunky painted frame. For a matted look, build the frame slightly larger than the screen so the black background shows. Cut a hole in the back of the frame to thread cords through and hide them in a cord channel down to the outlet. To hide a streaming device, use a low-profile TV mounting kit that leaves room for the box behind the TV.

Clock Decor

Never miss your favorite TV show again! Install a clock right next to the TV screen. To re-create this custom design, attach a round clock to a paper-lined wooden serving tray. Switch out the paper as your style and tastes change.

Stored and In Sight

Keep your TV accessories handy by storing them in a pretty felt basket. A wireless headset is a smart purchase if you share your bed with someone who prefers peace and quiet to fall asleep or if you need to be considerate of neighbors in an apartment building.


Sliding Door Storage

The family room is often a TV-watching hub, as well as a place for play, exercise, hobbies, homework, and more. Create order in a multipurpose room with a wall of open- and closed-storage solutions.

Storing the Unsightly

No one wants to see a jumble of cords running down the wall. If you have open shelving, hide the cables by sandwiching them behind a false wall made from a piece of matching shelving. Notch the back of a shelf to allow the cords to drop below, then store them in a basket near the bottom.

Boxes for Board Games

Keep board games, puzzles, photo albums, blankets, and other infrequently used items out of sight by stashing them in a cabinet. If behind-door storage isn't an option, make them part of the decor in pretty labeled boxes.

Built-In Beauty

Everyone loves a good IKEA hack, and this one is stellar. Get the look of pricey built-ins using four IKEA Billy bookcases and two hollow-core doors. The cases are secured to each other and to the wall, and a simple header box is screwed along the top to accommodate the barn-door hardware that allows the doors to slide.

Beyond Basic Barn Door

For a look that blends with any decorating style -- rustic, modern, vintage, and more -- use barn-door hardware to install sliding doors along your TV wall. The sliders are available online or at home improvement stores for $60–$200, depending on size and finish.

Style Adjustment

Choosing adjustable bookcases allows you to customize the height of your shelves. This easy-to-rearrange storage solution means you can rethink your space as your needs and accessories change over the years. 

Centralized TV

Whether your home office is a stand-alone space or a carved-out corner of another room, a TV is a smart way to anchor a storage-rich desk area. With this stylish design, host meetings or work on large projects by connecting your computer to the TV monitor. 


Not a fan of traditional office furniture? Think outside the box. This printer stand is actually a shelving unit that offers storage space for paper and supplies on the bottom shelf. Bonus points for the casters, which allow the user to roll the printer to the desk when it's getting heavy use or to store it in another room when the office has heavy use.

Entertainment and Service

Use adhesive tabs to hang decorative corkboards for keeping memos and photos visible. Also, consider installing narrow shelves -- these aren’t intrusive and allow for more usable desk space below them. Combine several storage-savvy solutions for the ultimate office/entertainment center.

Monitor Shelving

Surrounding an office TV with storage helps the screen blend into the space. Standard shelving brackets are an easy and inexpensive option for adding shelves without extensive construction. Map out the installation design, starting with the TV placement, before you drill any holes. If the TV will function as a computer monitor, make sure it’s in a good spot relative to the desk.

Covered and Classy

A cord channel is inexpensive, and it might be the best money you'll ever spend. Often made of cuttable and paintable plastic, a channel tames and hides TV, speaker, and component cables along a wall. With this two-piece system, the back is screwed into the wall and the cords are hidden by a front snap-on cover.

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