Add interest to serving trays, dishes, and glassware with these quick and easy DIY dish projects.

October 12, 2015

Kitchen Canister Stickers

Give kitchen canisters a fun new look with DIY metallic lettering. Adhere letter stickers to the sides of white ceramic canisters to spell your words. Use gold and brown fine-tip oil-base markers to add closely spaced dots around letter stickers; let dry. Carefully remove letter stickers to reveal negative-space sayings that shine.

Painted Mug

Inexpensive ceramic mugs are readily available and perfect for embellishing. Draw your design onto a small piece of white paper -- freehand your own designs or find clip art online. Cut transfer paper slightly larger than the white paper, place behind the white paper, and tape both papers to the mug. Trace the pattern lines to transfer the design to the mug, then remove papers. Use paint pens to trace the lines. Let dry. Heat-set according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Vintage Advertising Serving Tray

Kitsch meets clever with the reuse of vintage advertisements. Colorful magazine pages add pizzazz to clear glass serving bowls and platters with flat bottoms. Trace the bottom of the dish and trim the page to size. Use a small foam brush and decoupage medium to adhere the paper to the underside of the dish. Smooth out any bubbles, beginning from the center and working toward the edges.

Painted Glass

Turn thrift store glassware into charming table decor with these easy paint techniques.

Cake Display

Put your baked goodies on display with a one-of-a-kind cake stand. Wash and dry thrift store glasses, vases, candleholders, and plates. Coat the items with frosted-glass spray paint for a touch of texture, and let dry. Next, spray the glassware with a few light coats of spray paint, letting dry between coats. Paint only the bottom of the plate so the top remains safe for serving food. Once the pieces are dry, epoxy the glass to the plate bottom, and let cure according to package instructions. Stack several for a charming tiered cake stand. Pile on the treats, and let them eat cake!


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