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    Craft a Perfect Pooch Bed

    Man's best friend deserves the best bed in the house -- and it's easy. Just transform a metal tub into a cushy nap spot for Fido.

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    Make Covered Canvas Art

    This fast project idea takes only a canvas, fabric, and a staple gun. Plus, it's easy to change your style with each season.

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    Give an Old Lamp a Lift

    Restore a past-its-prime lamp base to good style with high-gloss spray paint.

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    "Frame" Those Family Pics

    Displaying family photos can get routine -- frame, mat, voila. Here's a creative way to "frame" snapshots that's anything but boring.

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    Update the Classic Silhouette

    These aren't your grandma's silhouettes -- experiment with fresh colors and shapes for a fresh touch on a retro favorite.

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    Fake a Mercury Vase

    Don't have the budget for a real mercury glass vase? Fake the look with spray paint and this easy technique.

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    Go Girly with Lace Art

    You won't believe how easy it is to capture the elegance of lace on canvas in a fresh, modern way.

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    Hang It Differently

    Replace regular curtain rods with a painted piece of bamboo for a cute window treatment refresher.

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    Brighten Up with Candles

    Make a spring-fresh centerpiece by grouping inexpensive candles, then embellishing them to fit your decor.

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    Display Pretty Fabrics

    Get a simple rotating art gallery by placing pretty fabric swatches in photo shadowboxes.

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    Glam Up Wicker

    Give old wicker a new lease on life with some creativity and this easy painting technique.

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    Rethink Wallpaper

    Hang funky wallpaper on wooden dowels if you want creative artwork for only a little money.

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    Go Mod

    A formerly boring lampshade becomes a sleek modern accessory when trimmed with an inexpensive metal belt.

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    Reflect Your Style

    Learn the best technique for working with easy spray etching to turn plain-Jane mirrors into chic mod accessories.

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    Get Crafty

    Get your kids' help to make these heartfelt trays. And they're not just for mom -- dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles will love them too!

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    Glue on Embellishments

    Lengths of colorful ribbon dress up a blah white lampshade. Try your hand at making easy rosettes for embellishments.

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