For modern cabinet knobs or wall hooks with industrial flair, this easy-to-make concrete hardware can't be beat. Create the custom hardware using our geometric template or use a different mold to make a set in any shape you like.

Wall hooks and cabinet pulls are small pieces of hardware we use every day without much fanfare. But switching them out instantly updates the look of furniture or your entryway. For DIY wall hooks that are both inexpensive and durable, look to concrete. It can hold up heavy items and withstand plenty of wear and tear. It even adds a touch of minimalist industrial style to your home. We’ll show you how to make hexagon knobs, but you can use the same instructions to create a mold for many different shapes.

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  • Working time 1 hr
  • Start to finish 2 days
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Trace and Cut Out Shapes

Print the hexagon template and trace the shape onto a piece of cardboard. Repeat for as many wall hooks as you'd like to make. Cut out the shapes using a crafts knife and ruler to get straight edges. Do this over a cutting mat to avoid scratching your work surface.

Get the hexagon template
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Step 2

Fold Hexagon Mold

For easier folding, use the crafts knife to gently score through half the thickness of the cardboard along the dotted lines on the inside of the hexagon. Be careful not to cut all the way through. Fold the hexagon into shape and secure with duct tape. Make sure all the corners are completely covered so the concrete mix doesn't leak out the sides.

Step 3

Mix and Pour Concrete Mix

Mix the quick concrete together in a ratio of 4:1 parts concrete mix to water using a plastic container and stir stick. The mixture should be the consistency of pudding. Add more water or concrete mix accordingly if it feels too dry or too wet. Spoon prepared concrete into hexagon molds, tapping the shape to release any trapped air bubbles.

Editor's Tip

Protect your work surface with paper or plastic—concrete can get messy!

concrete wall hooks in cardboard hexagon mold
close up of wall hook with wine cork
Step 4

Add Hanging Hardware

Insert a screw into the center of the concrete, submerging it a little more than halfway into the concrete mixture but not touching the cardboard template at the bottom. Use a strip of duct tape to hold the screw in place while the concrete is drying.

If you want a spacer between the concrete wall hook and the wall like the image above, use a drill to make a hole through the center of a wine work and slip the cork over the screw before pressing the screw head into the wet concrete. Make sure enough of the screw tip is still showing to really anchor into the wall.

close up of hexagon concrete wall hook
Step 5

Let Dry and Finish

Let the concrete wall hooks dry 24 hours before cutting away the cardboard mold. Use a crafts blade to smooth out any bumps or roughness. Let dry 24 hours more before sanding smooth with sandpaper as desired. 

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