With everything you have going on in your life, it can be hard to stay on top of a schedule. Never forget a milestone again with one of our beautiful DIY calendars that are perfect for notes, important meetings, anniversaries, or a simple reminder of the date.

By Bri Levandowski
September 19, 2016

Cork tiles, ribbon, blank tags, and pushpins come together to create this simple DIY calendar. Use removeable wall adhesive to attach the cork tiles to a wall. Create a grid with ribbon and pins. Mark the days of the week on seven tags, and place at the top. Number the remaining tags for each calendar date. Hang tags with pins, and place extras in a small resealable bag in an open day on the bottom.

Ombre Wall Calendar

Office Makeover Ideas

Add interest to your DIY calendar with an ombre effect. Using a tape measure, level, and painter's tape, lay out a grid on the wall. Ours measures 32x45 inches with a 1/2-inch space between each block. This DIY calendar features a top row with five coats of paint, while the bottom row has just one: Use a roller to apply five coats of tinted chalkboard paint, leaving one row out each time you reapply. Once dry, use a chalk marker to number each square.

Weekly Reminders


Too many events in your day for a tiny calendar square? Instead of an entire month, try viewing your schedule one week at a time! Simple thumbtacks mount these clear clipboards. Use adhesive letters to spell the days of the week, and clip or tape your notes and reminders accordingly.

Windowpane Planner

Chalkboard Calendar

Easily upcycle an old window frame with this DIY weekly schedule. Fit and adhere your favorite color construction paper to the back of the glass panels, or paint each panel with chalkboard paint. Nail a chain into the back of your frame and mount on a wall. Write your days, deadlines, and notes in dry-erase or chalk markers.

Color-Block Calendar

Chalkboard calendar

Create a color-coordinated DIY calendar for cheap! Pick a chalkboard paint swatch from your local paint supplier, and get four of the colors on that swatch. Ask for a sample size of each color rather than a whole quart. You'll save some money and won't have to store bulky paint cans when you're done.

To make this calendar, choose a neutral paint color for the background. Near the top, mark off seven vertical sections. Starting with the middle section, use the lightest or darkest color on your swatch to paint five squares with 1 inch between. Using the next color on your swatch, paint squares on either side, following the same pattern. Repeat the process for the remaining two colors. Once dry, write the month and days of the week with a chalk marker.

Decorative Envelope Countdown

Calendar art

This cute calendar can be created in a few simple steps. Mark decorative envelopes with the days of the month. Fit four ribbons lengthwise to either end of a large frame. Use miniature clothespins to clip each dated envelope to the ribbons. Place reminders in each envelope as needed.


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