Bookends are a great way to add style and function to any bookshelf. Whether you favor high-end bookends, household objects used as bookends, or DIY versions, there are so many options available to suit your individual design aesthetic. Painted toys glued to a wood board, spray-painted rocks or bricks, or pieces of driftwood are a few examples of fun and easy bookends that will boost your shelfie game!

By Summer Hogan,
February 18, 2016

Add some sparkle to your shelves by applying gold leaf to agate slices for a high-end look. Agate slices are trending in home decor and can be found in lots of shapes and colors. Adding gold leaf or spray paint to store-bought agate slices makes this common accessory unique.

DIY Concrete Bookends


If you're not afraid of getting your hands dirty, try your luck at these cool geometric bookends made out of concrete from Mary and Tim Vidra of 17 Apart. These definitely can't be found on the shelf of any store, and you can create the shape you want or even add color. Mary and Tim also have a wood version of these on their blog!

Image via: 17 Apart

Scrap Fabric Bookends

Bookend Solution

A great way to add color and pattern to your bookshelves are these scrap fabric bookends. Simply sew two pieces together, fill with sand, and sew them closed and you have brand new bookends without having to leave your home. The cool thing about these is they can also double as cornhole beanbags!

Use Household Items for Bookends

Symmetrical built-in bookcase

Awesome bookends don't have to be expensive. Think outside the box and repurpose items in your home. Vases, bowls, and other types of pottery are great options. Fill them with sand or other objects if you need to weigh them down.

Modern Marble Bookend


If DIY is not your thing you can find bookends of all kinds on the market. Etsy is a good place for unique home accessories but lots of big stores have great options, too! These modern marble bookends are a perfect statement piece for your shelves. The gray-and-white stripe is a classic pattern so these will never go out of style!

Image via: West Elm


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