DIY Bling Projects

Framed Beads
Bring a little sparkle to your home decor with these projects starring jewels and baubles.

Blinged-Out Beauties

Instead of discarding tired costume jewelry, turn it into sparkling home decor. A few old brooches, necklaces, and earrings can bring a bit of whimsy to ordinary objects, from pillows to vases.

Bling Pillow

For a quick update, pin a single brooch to the center of a pillow. Take a handful of beads and embroider a design, monogram, or word on a pillow for a more extensive project.

Bling Pillow How-To

To make your own pillow, cut fabric and stabilizer to desired pillow size. Use a dark marker to write a word on butcher paper. Place the fabric over the paper and use a vanishing fabric marker to trace your artwork onto the fabric. Iron stabilizer to the back of the fabric, then use a beading needle and clear thread to sew beads on the fabric to form each letter.

Bangle Lamp

Just like you stack bangles on your arm, tower bangles around a lamp base for an equally fashionable statement.

Bangle Lamp How-To

Slide bracelets onto the lamp base, gluing with heavy-duty construction adhesive as you go. If you like the arrangement of color and style, let the glue dry, add a lampshade, and you’re done. We wanted a crisp, clean look, so we masked off one yellow bracelet and sprayed the rest of the bracelets and the base with primer, then with semigloss white paint.

No-Fade Flower Bouquet

Create a bouquet that will last a lifetime. Use brooches and pins in a similar color scheme to craft a flower bouquet. Or round up an assortment of baubles in varying colors for a wildflower-inspired look.

No-Fade Flower Bouquet How-To

Fold florist’s wire in half and attach each  end to the back of a pin. Repeat for all the pins. Use florist’s tape to secure the pins in the desired arrangement, or cut florist’s foam to fit inside a vase and insert the wires into the foam for a pleasing bouquet.

Bejeweled Jewelry Box

A broken pearl strand or two is the perfect candidate for festooning the top of an inexpensive container, perfect for holding earrings, candies, and more.

Bejeweled Jewelry Box How-To

Use a fast-drying glass or jewelry glue to secure the pearls, taking care to position each pearl so the hole is minimized. Have plenty of smaller or seed pearls on hand to fill tiny gaps. Rather than cover the base of the container with pearls, we opted for a snappier disguise, wrapping it with ivory satin ribbon. As a final touch, remove the back from a clip-on earring and glue to the center of the lid.

Jazzed-Up Vases

Give ordinary vases personality with bracelets and necklaces. Depending on what you have on hand, you can decorate these basic vessels in an endless variety of ways.

Jazzed-Up Vases How-To

Use jewelry or glass glue to secure chains to glass bottles. Try wrapping chains around bottles, outlining shapes, positioning as letters or numbers, or creating other simple designs. We also removed the pin from the back of a plastic flower and let it embellish one of the bottles. When the glue is dry, prime the bottles and paint with high-gloss paint. We chose white, but this collection would look equally stunning in glossy cobalt or yellow.

Ring It In

This drawer knob upgrade is easy to
pull off. Just cut the shank off a ring and glue the oversize setting to a basic wood or metal knob. A brooch sans the pin works just as well.

Sparkle & Shine

Turn a plain clipboard into a dazzling display for artwork. Prime and paint a clipboard, if desired, then glue rhinestone tennis bracelets, earrings, and pins to the clip. Hang or lean the clipboard on a wall and place a pretty piece of artwork into the bedazzled clip.

Buckle Up

Customize a journal or photo album with ribbon and a snazzy buckle. Glue one end of the ribbon to the bar on the buckle, then wrap around the journal and through the buckle, snipping a hole for the prong. Use a no-fray product to keep the hole and ribbon end from fraying.

Beaded Artwork

Wrap a necklace or bracelet around a canvas or photo mat and place in a frame for an easy-to-make piece of art. If you have loose beads, secure a thread to the back of the canvas or mat, bring the thread over the edge to the front, and string beads onto the thread to span the length of the canvas. Bring the end of the thread to the bottom of the canvas and secure it to the backside.

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