Pretty DIY Agate Projects to Rock Your Style

Rock the trend of the moment with these polished agate projects.

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    Mineral Patterns

    Explore the softer side of agates with our pillow ideas. For the rectangular pillow, scan agates and print the images onto iron-on transfer paper. Trim the images and apply them to a pillow cover using an iron and following the transfer paper instructions. For the square pillow, we created a repeating design using a scanned agate image, then we had Spoonflower print it on Eco-Canvas fabric. Cut two squares of fabric to fit your pillow form and sew them with wrong sides together, leaving an opening along one side. Turn right side out, insert the pillow form, and use a hidden stitch to close the opening.

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    Just a Splash

    Add panache to a white subway tile backsplash. Install the tile using mastic and a notched trowel; leave a gap for the agate border. (You may need to install a temporary ledger board beneath the tiles that form the upper section to prevent sagging while the mastic dries for 24 hours.) Remove the board; apply mastic made for glass tile to the back of the agates, and firmly press them in place. After 24 hours, apply unsanded grout with a rubber float, working it into the grout lines and the border. Use a damp sponge to wipe away excess grout. After the grout dries, remove grout haze with a cloth. Seal the grout.

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    Curtain Call

    Pull an agate coaster from table duty and reimagine it as a curtain tieback with this simple project. Using a putty knife, remove any rubber feet or pads from the coaster. Apply high-strength multipurpose epoxy (such as Loctite Epoxy Quick Set) to adhere the coaster to a simple metal curtain tieback. (We spray-painted our silver tieback matte gold first to elevate the look. Be sure the paint is thoroughly dry before gluing.) After the glue dries, install tieback using a wall anchor and drill.

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    You've Been Framed

    Accentuate your artwork by upping your frame game. Hot-glue clusters of small agates to the corners of a basic white frame. (Choose one with a wide edge for the most pleasing look.) We selected agates in pinks and purples to complement the landscape artwork, but they'd also go well with a black-and-white photo, a line drawing, or abstract art.

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    Knockoff Knobs

    Achieve a high-end look for much less by swapping existing knobs with this DIY version. Select agates that are wider than inexpensive knobs with flat surfaces. The slick surfaces require a high-strength adhesive that can bond metal and stone. We used Loctite Epoxy Quick Set, which combines epoxy resin and a hardener before application. After the glue dries, install the hardware on your cabinet.

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    Go Organic

    One thing we love about agates: no two are alike. Embrace the differences by selecting stones in varying shades and shapes.

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    Where to Find Agates

    TRY LOCAL. We found many of the agates used in these projects for only $1 each in the gift shop of our local science center.

    HIT THE WEB. Search for "agate slices" on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy and find bundles of smaller stones at affordable prices. If you need large quantities for a big project, look into online rock wholesalers that may require a minimum order.

    HACK HOME GOODS. Hit up discount stores for agate products. A coaster, bookend, or napkin ring can offer project possibilities

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