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sunburst mirror
Looking for inexpensive ways to spruce up your home? These simple, do-it-yourself accessories projects - for lamps, pillows, vases, and more - are sure to add style and character to any room.

Chain Reaction

Various chain necklaces in silver and gold help give new meaning to recycled glass. Use jewelry or glass glue to secure the chains to plain glass bottles, outlining shapes, positioning as letters and numbers, or creating other simple designs. You can also remove the pin from the back of a plastic flower to create a truly three-dimensional design. When the glue is dry, prime the bottles and paint with high-gloss paint. White creates a simple look, but other colors like cobalt or yellow are stunning and trendy.

Craft a decorative bowl from a doily picked up from a flea market, antique store, or even your own closet. It's an easy and simple project you can do in just a few steps.

Easy Doily Bowl

Turn an old doily into a bowl in just a few simple steps. 

Chevron Vase

Customize a plain vase by taping off a chevron pattern with painter's tape (it need not be perfect). Spray-paint the exposed area with a lighter shade of the vase color. Remove the tape when the paint is dry.

Update a decorative bowl with trendy metallic stripes. Watch and learn the secrets to success.

Decorative Bowl

Punch up a plain bowl with metallic spray paint and be prepared for a wow-worthy display piece. Watch and see how!

Quick & Easy Memo Board

This magnetic memo board is as functional as it is stylish. Simply cut decorative paper to fit inside a cookie sheet and glue it to the pan. Add magnets and important papers, notes, or letters, and you’re ready for business. Place it on a desk or hang it in the kitchen to ensure your family always stays on task.

Create the look of mercury glass with mirror spray paint and a secret ingredient from your kitchen. Watch and learn how!

Mercury Glass Mirror

Create the look of mercury glass with this simple technique. Watch and see how easy it is. 

Reading Light

Use damaged or discarded books and a lamp kit to build this literary light. Drill a hole slightly bigger than the rod in your lamp kit through the center of each book until you get to the height you desire. Thread the rod through the hole and follow instructions in the kit to wire the lamp. Cover a self-adhesive lampshade with decorative paper or book pages to complete the look.

Jazz up glass with this easy DIY back-painting technique. In just a few simple steps, you can customize a vase, glass lamp, and more!

Paint a Lamp

Jazz up a basic glass lamp with this stylish technique.

To Dye for Colors

Hot from the runway, ombré dyeing is a variation on basic tub dyeing. We put the trendy technique to work on these ordinary, store-bought throw pillows. For maximum results, always make sure you take the process slowly and follow through with each step.

Rosette Lampshade

Embellish a plain lampshade with paper roses. Use a compass to draw an 8-inch-diameter circle onto drawing-weight paper. Cut the circle into a swirl to create a paper coil about 1/2 inch wide. Roll the paper tightly starting at the outside end of the coil. Release the coil slightly and manipulate it until you have created a flower shape, then hot-glue it at the base to retain the shape. Use hot glue to adhere roses to the lampshade.

Cozy Felt Pillows

Felt pillows are easy to make and boost the comfort quotient of any area. Use scraps of felt to embellish an ordinary store-bought pillow, or sew the scraps together to create a multicolor masterpiece.These soft woodland-themed, felt pillows make this sofa a homey relaxation haven.

Pipe Sconce

Create an industrial look with custom sconces made from piping. Run a socket kit through the pipe and pipe fittings, and hard-wire it into the wall. Always remember to consult an electrician when working with wiring and turn off power before doing any work.

No-Sew Pillow

Stoke your wanderlust with a pillow outfitted with a map. Find an image from an old atlas, or score a map of your favorite city or dream travel destination. Scan your image and use image-editing software to create a mirror image of your map, then print it using an ink-jet printer onto iron-on transfer paper. Iron the image onto light-color linen fabric, following package directions. Peel away the transfer backing to reveal the image. Use heat-set tape to adhere the linen piece to the pillow.

See next slide for step-by-step iron-on transfer instructions.

Using iron transfer paper, you can customize totes, pillows and more. Learn how to iron-on transfer with these simple steps.

How-To: Iron-On Transfer

Watch and learn how to iron-on transfer.

Felted Lamp Base

This shapely lamp base enjoys a cozy cover. To cover a sphere-shape lamp, measure the height and the circumference, then cut a rectangular piece of felted wool to size. Wrap it around the base with the right side in, and pin evenly spaced darts at the top and bottom. Remove, sew the darts, then sew the piece into a tube shape. Turn right side out and slip over the object. Using heavy-duty thread, hand stitch a running stitch at the top and bottom and pull to cinch tight, then tie off at the back. Embellish the lamp with fun felt flowers for extra pizzazz.

Twine Light Shades

Bring blissful color to a blah dining room with handmade light shades. These trendy light shades add a dash of texture and subtle color overhead and are created using twine and small beach balls.

Freehand Floral Vase

A vase adorned with a hand-drawn, floral-inspired design complements the bold orange flowers it holds. Use a white oil-based Sharpie marker on ceramic surfaces.

Rosette Throw Pillow

Bring dimension to a throw pillow with fabric rosettes. To create rosettes on a pillow cover, fold 4-inch-wide strips of fabric in half, lengthwise and sew a basting stitch along the edge opposite the fold. Pull the thread tight, allowing the fabric to wrap around itself, and wind to desired sizes. Finish by stitching onto a pillow.

Give 'Em the Slip

Boost the style of plain glass vessels by slipping them into something more cozy. Stretch a piece of felted sweater around the vessel, right side in. Pin for a snug fit, then remove and sew it where it was pinned. Cut the excess and turn it inside out. Make use of sweater accents such as button plackets, pockets, sleeves, and ribbing. Or add your own embellishments fashioned from scraps of old wool sweaters.

Wrap It Up

Wood grain radiates warmth and character in any space. Using veneer – thin, flexible sheets of wood available at home centers and woodworking shops – is an easy way to incorporate wood grains into your home. Cherry and maple veneer wrapped around apothecary jars and stitched with silver embroidery floss make a sweet centerpiece or mantel display. Cut leaf shapes from veneer and stitch onto jar wraps for a nature-inspired look.

Stenciled Lampshade

Metallic markings in a trendy ikat pattern add delicate detail to a basic slate-color lampshade. To get the look, purchase a stencil or create your own from a favorite pattern by tracing your design onto stencil acetate, then cutting it out with a crafts knife (allow a 1/2-inch border around the perimeter). Position your stencil along the bottom edge, and fill in the design with a metallic silver oil-based Sharpie. Continue stenciling around the shape.

Grass-Motif Pillow

A few fabric scraps are all you need to create this three-dimensional effect. The grassy design is a fanciful layering of felt and cotton scraps cut into grass-blade shapes. The first two layers are secured with fabric glue, but a single line of stitching down the middle of the top layer of blades gives them a breezy texture.

Woodland Jewelry Display

Store baubles by hanging them from these mini trees. Cut small branches to similar heights using garden pruners or a small hand saw. Next, glue two 1x6-inch boards together at a right angle and let dry. Drill evenly spaced holes in the base. Dab the bottom inch of the branches with wood glue, then place upright in the holes. Let dry, and decorate with your favorite accessories.

Sunburst Mirror

This glitzy starburst mirror adds a splash of glamour to any space. To make it, use a handsaw to cut the stir sticks to the desired lengths, then spray them using gold spray paint. Cut a circle from newspaper the desired size of your finished mirror. Place a small circular mirror facedown at its center. Use the newspaper pattern as a guide for edge alignment of the sticks. Adhere the longest sticks to "north-south-east-west" compass points using strong crafts glue. Fill in the remaining spokes, leaving room for the wall hanger.

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