Dip-Dyed Projects Done Right

Dip-dyeing is as easy -- and as fun -- as it sounds. Simply dip an object into a vat of dye or paint to create colorful patterns like ombre and color blocking, or try shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique similar to the tie-dyeing you did as a kid. For examples of dip-dyed projects done right, we turned to our favorite bloggers and studied up on their DIY dyeing tutorials.

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    Ombre Ceramic Pots

    Jenni's home decor DIY combines two of her (and now, our) favorite things: dip-dyeing and succulents. Turn a group of dyed ceramic pots into an outdoor party centerpiece or use individual succulent pots as hostess gifts this spring.

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    Shibori Summer Scarf

    Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique, turns a simple summer scarf into an effortlessly chic accessory. Make an indigo dyed scarf like Sara of Alice and Lois by hosting a crafting party in your backyard when the weather gets warm.

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    Dyed Tablet Case

    Having trouble finding the perfect case for your tablet? We suggest dip-dyeing your own following instructions from Rachel of The Crafted Life. You'll wind up with a totally unique design in the color palette of your choice. 

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    Dip-Dyed Drinkware

    As drinking cups or votive holders, these pastel dipped glasses lend a refreshing splash of color that's perfect for spring. Erin of Earnest Home Co. figured out the best way to create a semiopaque look and shares her tips on her blog.

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    Color a Canvas Tote

    Carry home your groceries in a dip-dyed canvas tote like these from Megan of Glamour and Grace. On the next sunny day, head to your backyard with a large bucket filled with dye, and design a colorful reusable bag worthy of your important errands.

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    Send a Splashy Note

    It doesn't get more personal than a handwritten note on handmade note cards. We love how Amy of This Heart of Mine customized colorful ombre thank-you cards using watercolor paper and leftover fabric dye.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Wall hangings are having a moment, and we especially love how they look in children's and teens' bedrooms. Make this simple dip-dye yarn tassel project from Amy of Homey Oh My! with your little ones -- they'll love that the secret ingredient is Kool-Aid.

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    Chic Shibori Dish Towels

    Scared to try shibori? Experiment with the Japanese art of resist-dyeing by starting with Chelsea's DIY indigo-dyed kitchen towels. Once you start, we bet you'll want to dye everything!

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    Colorful Semihomemade Confections

    Perfect for a baby shower or a birthday party, these dip-dyed delicacies prove that even a small amount of color packs a big punch. See how Kristin of Idlewife transformed store-bought marshmallows into a gourmet treat with some clever color-blocking.

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    Handcrafted Wall Hanging

    If you can sew, you can make a personalized letter mobile like this one by Jessica from Coco and Mingo for This Little Street. For an adorable baby gift, dip-dye each letter to create a soothing ombre color that coordinates with the nursery decor.

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    Grown-Up Tie-Dye Tee

    Work your way up to curtains by practicing your dip-dye technique on a plain white T-shirt. You'll hone your skill while making a trendy top to add to your spring wardrobe. We'd happily wear this ombre shirt from Amanda of Wit and Whistle all season long.

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    Bonus: How to Dye Fabric

    Can't find the perfect shade of fabric? Create your own custom colors with this DIY dyeing tutorial.

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