Has your Mason jar collection gotten a bit out of control? We're here to help! Check out these creative ideas for Mason jar decorations, centerpieces, planters, and more.

What Goes With

Whether displaying flowers or just standing empty, Mason jars pack a lot of pizzazz for very little cost. Available in clear glass, blue, and occasional limited-edition colors, as well as sizes ranging from 1/4 pint to 1 gallon, the appealingly adaptable vessels offer a wide array of decorating options. Use the colors to help make florals pop, or start a Mason jar herb garden on your front steps! The ideas for Mason jar decorations are endless.

Mason Jar Lights

What Goes With

Group Mason jars as a fashionable centerpiece, or stage a beautiful display on a shelf or mantel. Tuck in votive candles and flowers to create strikingly simple compositions. Float tiny tea lights in smaller jars filled with colored water, or use twinkling lights inside, outside, or around the jars. Mason jar lanterns are lovely anywhere around your home!

Laundry Look

mason jars with laundry supplies

Make a Mason jar decoration from the items you use regularly! Setting jars in a shallow galvanized container brings a cute farmhouse touch to the laundry room. Set up one jar to collect pocket change and coupons before pants run through the washer, and prep another jar for stitching holes and sewing patches. A third jar is ready with clothespins to line-dry delicates.

Mason Jar Memories

mason jar craft

Since you're already collecting jars, why not make them do double duty? Fill Mason jars with sand, souvenirs, postcards, seashells, and photos from travels afar. Set on a shelf or side table to display your Mason jar memories.

Succulent Style

plant in jar

A thriving succulent makes an outstanding addition to your tablescape. This Mason jar centerpiece will be the talk of the table at your next gathering. A burlap wrap and golden bow dress up the container without masking its stylish facade.

Mixed Metallics

kitchen storage

The golden glint tucked inside this rustic silverware holder softens the contrast of the teal-and-white display. These Mason jars and their golden rings make a perfect storage solution while supplying the kitchen with style. It's a flea market flip you need in your home!

Mason Jar Wall Decor

craft room storage

Corral fabric and ribbon scraps in jars for crafts room Mason jar-style decor. Position the jars to carry splashes of color and texture around the room, and place them at a level where they're easy to grab. Uniformity comes from this group of extra-large jars, but you can also use a mix of sizes for a different look.

Mason Jar Storage


The nostalgic shape of Mason jars makes attractive storage containers worthy of display in kitchens, bathrooms, crafts studios, and potting sheds. Mount the jars beneath cabinets or on wall-hung pegboards to stow. Use them to keep your creative tools at hand and in sight.

Composition Book Mason Jar


Have writer's block? Here's a cute project to get the creative juices flowing: composition notebook pencil holders. They're functional, inexpensive and make great gifts for teachers!

Pantry Organizers


Bags of flour, sugar, and rice are visually unappealing. Instead, pour your dry ingredients into Mason jars and adhere these free, printable labels. They look so pretty you won't want to hide them in the panty! Check it out at The Country Chic Cottage.

Fresh Herb Candles


Create a serene scene with these homemade Mason jar candles. You can keep it calm with lavender or invigorate with rosemary and essential oils. Whatever concoction you choose, these DIY candles will be your new favorite addition to your room.

Mason Jar Citronella Torches


We love summer nights, but so do the bugs. These Mason jar citronella tiki torches fuel the fun while keeping mosquitos away. Perfect for a grill-out-turned-bonfire night!

DIY Tumbler


You wouldn't be caught in the office without your favorite iced coffee, so why wouldn't you want to drink it from a cup just as fabulous? These DIY Mason jar tumblers are super cute and can be personalized to your taste.

Spring Mason Jar Vases

Credit: SONY DSC

If succulents aren't your thing and you prefer fresh blooms, these colorful Mason jar vases make the perfect holders. Opt for fabric over paint for a foolproof project that even less crafty homeowners can handle. Use any extra fabric you have left over from curtain or pillow projects for a way to really tie the room together.

DIY Beginner Sewing Kits


You don't need to be an expert seamstress to have a sewing kit. These Mason jars come packed with everything you need for last-minute rips or button repairs. The pin cushion lid adds flair and function to this quick craft.

Mason Jar Tissue Holder


When it comes to decorating, it's all about the details, and these Mason jar tissue holders make sure nothing gets overlooked. Plus, it's easy to customize the paint job to match your bathroom décor. Allergy season will be a little less miserable with these just a reach away.

Mason Jar Herb Garden


Impress your guests before they even enter your home with this Mason jar herb garden. It stands vertical, so it fits on any size front porch. Added bonus: You can have fresh herbs all year round.

Sea Shell Mason Jar


Go beyond traditional candles with this simple beach-themed lantern inspired by your last shoreline vacation. Coat Mason jars in broken sea glass or seashells (or faux rock vase filler) using decoupage glue to attach. The candle inside the jar will cast a beautiful glow that will take you back to your nautical happy place.

Entryway Key Hook


Have a drop spot for keys and jackets as soon as you walk in the door with this DIY pallet project. The Mason jar vase gives the dark wood a bright touch and makes it both decorative and functional.

Mason Jar Terrarium


A clear Mason jar makes for a perfect terrarium to bring a bit of the outdoors in to your entryway. Layer rocks, moss, and succulents before putting in the final touches (this blogger opted for a scooter figurine). And if you're an infamous plant killer, it's totally acceptable to get faux plants for this craft!

Repurposed Mason Jars

mason jar lighting

Conversion kits and add-ons allow you to amplify or change a jar's purpose. You'll find kits to create standing lamps, pendant lights (which can be suspended singly or grouped like a chandelier, as seen here), sconces, and even kits that let you turn a Mason jar into a soap dispenser. Solar-light lids change jars into patio and landscape lights. Flower-frog lids allow you to arrange flower stems like a pro. Bird feeder and watering bases convert upside-down jars into wildlife-friendly garden ornaments. Put your own imagination into play, and you're sure to find fresh, personal ways to decorate with these charming vintage vessels.

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