15 Decor Trends You Can Make For Way Cheaper

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Why splurge on ever-changing decor trends when you can save big and score on style? Our smart ideas for copycat DIY decor trends will keep both your wallet and home happy.

Mercury Glass

Get the luxe look of shimmering mercury glass for less with a few simple ingredients. All you need to transform ordinary glass votives, jars, or vases into trendy mercury glass is a bit of water, mirrorlike spray paint, and patience for your project to dry.

Geometric Rugs

When it comes to trending prints and patterns, geometric shapes have taken center stage. The interior design detail can carry a hefty price when featured on store-bought rugs, so consider re-creating your favorite geometric print with a few common crafts tools. Take a basic flat-weave or sisal rug from ordinary to extraordinary with painters tape and your choice of interior wall paint. Tape off your design, apply paint, and let dry before revealing your masterpiece!

Ombre Furniture

Give thrifted furniture a gradient look with a little paint prowess. For a vanity or dresser, vary the hue of each row of drawers by gradually adding an increased amount of white into your choice of paint color. Don't want to mess around with mixing paint? Simply pick a paint strip in a color you love and buy a can of paint for each tier, using the lightest on the top row and darkest on the bottom.

Skip the spendy store-bought orbs and make this decorative DIY version on a dime.

Decorative Orbs

Skip the spendy retail version of decorative orbs and DIY your own! With a few embroidery hoops, tacks, and metallic spray paint, we crafted these inexpensive accents in a matter of minutes.

Patterned Throw Pillows

A custom look doesn't require big bucks. Achieve the pillow pattern of your dreams with DIY stamps. Use a linoleum cutter to make a design in a carving block or balsa foam before coating with paint and stamping onto a pillowcase.

Wood Plank Accent Wall

Rustic wood is all the rage, and this DIY wood accent wall makes a decor statement without breaking the bank. To start, measure your wall to determine what length of planks you'll need and how many it will take to cover the wall from top to bottom. Starting at the ceiling, secure the planks using nails at several points along the board, ensuring some of the nails are driven into studs. Continue down the wall, butting the top of the next board against the bottom of the previous board. You might need to cut a board horizontally when you get to the bottom. 

Tassel Wall Hanging

Macrame is back in a big way. Modernize the decor trend with a funky dip-dyed tassel wall hanging. After dipping bundles of cord in your desired colors, showcase the strings on mounted dowels.

Add style overhead with a trendy geometric pendant that steals the show from every angle.

Copper Pendant Light

Incorporate copper, the latest trend in metallic accents, into lighting with this easy DIY. Copper pipes and wire help create the pretty pendant.

Industrial Shelving

Get the look of expensive built-ins using affordable pieces from your local home centers. Download our step-by-step instructions for creating an entire wall of industrial-style shelving with stained wood planks and iron piping.

Metallic Accents

Gold, silver, copper -- metallic accents have officially taken over the home decor scene. Update existing furniture or accents pieces, such as lamp bases, picture frames, or, in this case, a side table, with metallic spray paint or gold leaf.

Marbleized Decor

Make your mark with DIY marble decor. The swirling stone material can be mimicked through a number of easy methods. Consider contact paper for a quick furniture refresh, as showcased on this pretty-in-purple marble table. Other ways to achieve a marble look for less include nail polish, spray paint, and molding clay.

Upholstered Headboard

Rest easy with a headboard that's pretty in plush. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) provides the inexpensive framework, foam or batting creates the cushion, your favorite fabric supplies style, and spray adhesive and staples keep it all together. 

Dip-Dyed Accessories

Drab fabric got you down? Whether its cotton curtains, place mats, cloth napkins, or pillowcases, colorful dye adds a splash of two-tone personality when applied to fabric accessories. Just dunk and dry!

Sunburst Mirror

Wildly popular and so-easy to make, sunburst mirrors make a bold style statement. To assemble this DIY design, start by cutting stir sticks to a desired length, then spray-paint gold. Adhere the stir sticks to a circular mirror with a strong crafts glue, varying the lengths to create a sunburst pattern.

Plush Pouf

With $50 and bit of sewing, you can create an on-trend accent for your home that doubles as cozy seating. Our DIY pouf ottoman is as pretty as it is practical and can be made using affordable linen burlap or your favorite fabric.

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