17 High-End Decorating Trends You Can DIY for Way Cheaper

paraffin wax candles
Photo: Carson Downing

Decorating trends are constantly evolving, which can make it difficult to justify splurging on the latest fad. Instead, put your own spin on the styles of the moment with a copycat DIY project. Make one of these DIY decor trends to save money while staying up-to-date on the latest styles.

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Wood Bead Chandelier

wooden chandelier hanging above table
Carson Downing

Wood bead chandeliers serve as a striking focal point, but they often come at a steep price. For less than $100, you can make one yourself using an embroidery hoop, string, and a pendant light kit. Thread lengths of string with varying sizes of wood beads and intertwine the strands for a more dynamic look.

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DIY Marble Decor

home decor candle sticks blue glass vase
Carson Downing

You can mimic the swirling look of marble through a number of easy methods. Consider self-adhesive marble paper for easy framed art or quick furniture refresh, or use spray paint and water to add swirled patterns to paper. Fill a large tub or bucket with water, spray paint onto the surface, and lightly press the paper on top. Pull up to reveal your marbled pattern and let dry completely before hanging as art.

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Upholstered Headboard

pastel bedroom with patterned headboard and pillows
David A. Land

Craft an upholstered headboard that frames your bed with your favorite fabric. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) provides an inexpensive foundation, while foam or batting adds cushion. Secure fabric over your DIY headboard using spray adhesive and staples. For an extra flourish, define the shape with nailhead trim.

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Scripted Message Doormat

welcome mat with bonjour
Jason Donnelly

Use embroidery floss and a punch needle to transform a plain woven rug into a welcoming doormat. Customize your own design, or print our template to create this scripted "Bonjour" message. Pull the fabric taut as you punch the embroidery floss through the back side, then flip to reveal your design.

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Twisted Taper Candles

twisted parrafin candle tapers on wooden candle holders
Carson Downing

Twisty, curvy candles make a trendy addition to your tabletop display. To re-create these sculptural shapes, warm basic taper candles in a large Mason jar filled with 100°F water. Let soak for about 10 minutes before twisting or bending the candles into your desired shapes.

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DIY Mercury6 Glass

candles centerpiece flowers
Jason Donnelly

Get the luxe look of shimmering mercury glass for less with a few simple ingredients. You can transform ordinary glass votives, jars, or vases into trendy mercury glass using a bit of water and mirror-like spray paint ($16, Michaels). Lightly spritz the inside of the glass with water, then follow up immediately with a coat of spray paint. Swirl the paint around to coat the interior and let dry. Repeat as needed to achieve the desired effect.

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Painted Geometric Rug

rug fabric blue pattern
Helen Norman

Geometric rugs add a bold accent to your floors, but they often carry a hefty price tag. Create your own by transforming a basic flat-weave or sisal rug with a few common crafts tools. Mark off your rug design using painters tape, and apply interior wall paint in your color of choice. Let dry fully before revealing your DIY geometric rug.

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Ombre Furniture

Spring Décor purple dresser
Michael Partenio

Give thrifted furniture a gradient look with varying shades of paint. For a vanity or dresser, vary the hue of each row of drawers by gradually adding more white to your choice of paint color. Don't want to mess around with mixing paint? Simply pick a paint strip in a color you love and buy a can of paint for each tier, using the lightest on the top row and darkest on the bottom.

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Decorative Orbs

Skip the spendy retail version of decorative orbs and DIY your own! With a few embroidery hoops and thumbtacks, we crafted these inexpensive accents in a matter of minutes. A coat of metallic spray paint adds stylish shimmer.

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Patterned Throw Pillows

diy pink stamped pillow
Steven McDonald

Create custom patterned pillows with DIY stamps. Using a linoleum cutter ($8, Hobby Lobby), fashion a design in a carving block or balsa foam. Coat the stamp with paint and press onto a pillowcase in your desired pattern.

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Wood Plank Accent Wall

Wood Plank Accent Wall
Meredith Drummond

Add a warm, rustic look to any room with this DIY wood accent wall. To start, measure your wall to determine what length of planks you'll need and how many it will take to cover the wall from top to bottom. Starting at the ceiling, secure the planks using nails at several points along the board, ensuring some of the nails are driven into studs. Continue down the wall, butting the top of the next board against the bottom of the previous board. You might need to cut a board horizontally when you get to the bottom.

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Tassel Wall Hanging

Tassel Wall Hanging decpr
Adam Albright

Macrame is back in a big way. Modernize the classic weaving technique with a funky dip-dyed tassel wall hanging. After dipping bundles of cord in your desired colors, showcase the strings on mounted dowels.

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DIY Industrial Shelves

Industrial Shelving
Brian McWeeney

Get the look of expensive built-ins using affordable pieces from your local home centers. You can create an entire wall of industrial-style shelving with stained wood planks and iron piping. Drill holes in each board for the pipes to run through, and secure the shelves to wall studs through pocket holes.

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DIY Metallic Accents

Metallic Accents
Ann Wilde

Gold, silver, copper, and other metallics are popular finishes for home decor. Update existing furniture or accents pieces with metallic spray paint or gold leaf for instant shine. Try this copycat decor trend with lamp bases, picture frames, or side tables for a budget-friendly statement piece.

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Dip-Dyed Accessories

Dip-Dyed Accessories table
Matthew Clark

Colorful dye transforms drab fabric accessories in just a few simple steps. For a fun two-tone effect, mix the dye according to the manufacturer's instructions, dunk the fabric into the dye, and let dry. This DIY idea makes it easy to splash fresh color on cotton curtains, place mats, cloth napkins, or pillowcases.

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DIY Sunburst Mirror

DIY starburst mirror
Adam Albright

Sunburst mirrors are a stylish accent that's so easy to make yourself. To assemble this DIY design, start by cutting stir sticks to a desired length, then spray-paint gold. Adhere the stir sticks to a circular mirror with a strong crafts glue, varying the lengths to create a sunburst pattern.

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Plush Pouf

bright white office workspace
Michael Partenio

With $50 and a bit of sewing, you can create an on-trend accent for your home that doubles as cozy seating. This DIY pouf ottoman can be made using affordable linen burlap or your favorite fabric. Use old towels or fabric scraps to fill the interior and save money on fiber fill.

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