Bringing the desert home has never been easier. These cactus DIY projects—including fun wall art, pretty jewelry holders, and adorable plush accents—are sure to make a Southwestern statement.

By Katie Bandurski

Cactus decor is taking over, and it's anything but prickly. The plant motif has officially left the desert and invaded every realm of home design. Stay on trend by making cute cactus crafts and home decor accents all your own. We have DIY cactus ideas for easy wall art, plush pillows, outdoor string lights, and even a fun cactus game for the kiddos.

Faux Wood Artwork

At first we didn't believe it either, but this trendy plank sign is made of foam. A smooth finish, a light sanding, and a few coats of stain are the secret to the distressed-wood look. A gorgeous cactus print is then applied via stencil. The best part is that this wall accent weighs next to nothing, meaning it can be hung almost anywhere!

Ring Around

Don't worry—this little guy won't prick. But he will safely corral your rings, earrings, and other small items. Create a catchall cactus jewelry tray with the help of oven-bake clay, acrylic paint, and a glossy glaze. Each project can be customized to fit your needs, so consider varying the size of the cactus's body to coincide with your ring size, addding as many arms as needed, and painting him in hues of green that match your decor.

Get Cozy

Real cacti are pretty easy to keep alive. But if you have a black thumb, opt for the next best thing: potted felt plants. These adorable DIYs are made by sewing together two pieces of felt in a cactus-shape pattern, stuffing the design, then adorning with felt flowers and puff paint. "Plant" the cacti in pots for an everlasting indoor garden.

Game Changer

Kids (and kids at heart) will love this cactus ring-toss game. It's perfect for an outdoor party or a day at the beach. Spray-paint a cactus topiary green, "plant" it in a pot, and use plastic rings to play. If you can't find a topiary, try shaping chicken wire into a cactus shape.

Silly String

If you're a fan of string artwork, then you'll love this easy DIY project. Hammer nails in a cactus shape into a piece of plywood, then weave colorful yarn from nail to nail until you've achieved your desired look. It's that simple. If desired, adorn with a colorful pom-pom to mimic a desert flower.

Prickly Paint

Dress up a boring wall with DIY cactus art. Simply use cactus-shape foam templates to create stamps of various sizes, apply paint, and then press stamps onto white paper. We used a piece of 12x16 media paper for our project, but you can adjust the size and style of your templates as desired.

Snuggle Up

Cozy up with a homemade cactus pillow. This adorable DIY is made from a simple pattern that even beginning crocheters can master. Group several pilows in various shades of green on the couch for a cute nod to desert style. For a more sophisticated look, forgo the pillow's eyes and mouth.

Tiny Throwback

Any '90s kid remembers the hours spent around the kitchen table tracing, coloring, and cutting out plastic shapes to shrink down in the oven. Revive the fun with DIY Shrinky Dink lights. Make an assortment of cactus-shape designs, then hot-glue to solar string lights. The result is a cozy cactus glow.

Stand Up

Your woodworking skills will be put to the test with this cactus jewelry stand, but the result is well worth it. Cut pieces of hobby board to form the 3D stand. Small holes drilled into the cactus's arms hold earrings and other jewelry. The stand looks beautiful as is, or you can freshen it up with a coat of paint in your favorite shade.

Plant Mat

A door mat offers a first impression when guests enter your home, so why opt for something basic? Show personality with a custom cactus door mat. Trace a cactus pattern on a plain woven mat, then fill in with acrylic paint. We love this trio of plants, but get creative and design your own mix of favorite succulents and cacti.


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