13 Creative Contact Paper Projects Like You've Never Seen Before

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Stylish Storage Boxes


Can beautiful storage boxes inspire a more organized home? This contact paper project from Amy at Homey Oh My are an easy way to test that theory. The DIY blogger outlines the steps she took to cover old gift boxes with chic marble contact paper, although you could use any size box with any patterned paper.

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DIY Patterned Phone Case


Grab your tiny scissors and tweezers because this crafts project calls for precise cutting and placement of contact-paper shapes. Double-check that the grain faces the same direction if you choose metallic contact paper, so your design is super shiny. Contact paper is inexpensive and removable, so don't worry about making a mistake—or five!

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Faux Picture Ledge


Wary about running a picture ledge the length of your wall? Instead, install a simple geometric design using white contact paper to mimic the visual impact of a long shelf. Amy of Delineate Your Dwelling created a cross template to make the job easier. She used a level to keep the horizontal pattern straight.

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Copper is the New Gold


Copper is a favorite metallic, and contact paper is an easy way to add its warm shine to your decor. This modern geometric vase is the handiwork of Sara from Tell Love and Party. For this contact paper project, she cut triangles from copper contact paper and strategically stuck them to an inexpensive vase. Because they're removable, Sara can swap the shapes when another finish is in vogue.

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Give Your Fridge a Facelift


Chalkboard walls are a novelty for kids (and adults!) who love to draw. If your kitchen lacks empty wall space, follow Agnes' lead at Hello, Wonderful and cover your fridge with chalkboard contact paper. The easy DIY project is a win-win: Your largest appliance gets a facelift, and your budding artists get a new place to doodle.

Editor's tip: Use dust-free chalk, so you're not constantly pulling out the vacuum.

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Customize Your Key Ring


Contact paper and fabric scraps are all you need to turn a utilitarian key ring into a fashion accessory. Best of all, the materials are so inexpensive —and Fran's tutorial at Fall For DIY is so easy—you can make multiple key fobs to coordinate with the seasons, your outfits, or even your mood.

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Dressed Up Dresser


A move overseas left this IKEA dresser looking worse for wear, so Cindy, the crafty blogger at Carole + Ellie, got to work dressing it up with a contact paper project. With its metallic finish, copper contact paper creates the illusion of depth against a black wood dresser. At the same time, a modern triangle design transforms the simple storage item into a shimmering statement piece.

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Faux Marble Planter


Marble planters, while gorgeous, can be expensive and heavy. However, marble contact paper wrapped around a plastic pot is cheap, lightweight, and just as attractive as Laurel of A Bubbly Life demonstrates. In her easy tutorial, the DIY blogger offers a trick for getting contact paper measurements right the first time.

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Modern Rustic Lampshade


A die-cut machine is the most accessible tool to make intricate shapes from contact paper. That's how Katie of Modern Mountain Life created copper leaf stickers that transformed her navy spray-painted lampshade into the perfect rustic accent. The metallic contact paper foliage can be easily removed if the lamp moves to another room.

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Temporary Flooring Fix


Christina of The Plumed Nest wanted a black bathroom floor. So she came up with a rental-friendly solution: a vinyl overlay. Before investing in flooring, the creative blogger covered the original floor with black contact paper to make sure she loved the look. To her surprise, the temporary fix looked so good that she decided she could live with contact-paper flooring, at least for a while!

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Update Old Picture Frames


Looking for a quick refresh? Give new life to old picture frames by updating them with contact paper in your favorite color or pattern. As Chelsea of Lovely Indeed explains in her easy-to-follow tutorial, spray paint is just messy, and contact paper or vinyl does a better job covering dings and scratches in the wood.

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Small Stripes, Big Difference

Zeke Ruelas.

Emily Henderson has your solution for easy, inexpensive, and nonpermanent furniture customization: contact paper. The stylist added personality to plain-white storage cabinets in blogger Joy Cho's office using a combination of gold contact paper and various types of colorful tape. We love how something as small and simple as a striped toe kick stands out even in a pattern-packed space.

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Diagonal-Striped Door


When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. And when life gives you gold contact paper, you decorate your door. That's what Joy Cho of Oh Joy did with the leftover contact paper from Emily Henderson's toe-kick project. The diagonal stripes are a perfectly playful accent to the colorful office and an easy-to-replicate DIY project on any interior door.

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