Creative and Unique Drawer Pull Ideas That Go Beyond Brass and Chrome


Custom hardware doesn't have to be expensive and it definitely doesn't have to be bland. These unique knobs give your cabinets, chests, and dressers instant style.

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Toy Trains

toy train knobs

After raiding the toy chest, we converted these teeny train cars into charming choo-choo handles. Remove two wheels and replace the axles with screws to make your own. Drive the screws into the drawer front.

Editor's tip: Drill holes through 1/2- to 1-inch segments of wood dowel and place behind slim items to make the knobs easier to grasp.

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Toy Blocks

toy block knobs

These crazy blocks let you mix and match colors and letters for a unique drawer pull idea. Leave as individual blocks or form simple words in a fresh spin on these children's toys. Then, simply arrange them on your chosen piece of furniture and secure them with screws through the back.

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Glass Candleholder

glass candleholder knob

The candleholder's light-catching quality adds a hint of elegance to a bedroom, dining room, or anywhere you'd like to amp up the atmosphere. To pack a little more punch, fit a small piece of dowel rod snugly into the holder and paint it a funky color. Clear glue holds everything in place.

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Wooden Spoon

wooden spoon knob

This industrial wooden spoon functions as the perfect handle in a hardworking kitchen. Simply add pieces of dowel rod to the back and secure with screws through the back.

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Metal Cutters

metal cutter knob

Round, square, or star—any shape will do for this fun drawer pull. Because metal cutters for cookies or biscuits already have handles, simply screw in place and enjoy.

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Old Spool

old spool knob

This industrial spool mounts onto a drawer easily. Just sand down the rounded portions, so it rests flush with the drawer front, and screw it on from the back.

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Gingerbread Trim

gingerbread trim knob

This cool piece was broken off from some old architecture. We gave it new life by sanding and adding a coat of paint.

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Iron Padlock

iron padlock knob

This padlock dangles from an eye hook bent open with pliers.

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Costume Jewelry

costume jewelry knob

Raid your grandmother's jewelry box for unique costume jewelry to adorn a plain wooden knob. Secure with glue for a vintage look that's both elegant and trendy.

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clothespins knobs

Clothespins can be hardworking all year round. Just paint and screw in place (with dowels behind) for easy grabs.

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Curtain Finial

curtain finial knob

The beaten-brass quality of this finial makes it the perfect addition to any antique project. Add it to a door or drawer to introduce aged luster.

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Wooden Domino

wooden domino knob

Add a little spunk to a trunk; this wood domino is a playful way to open a box or bin.

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Vintage Rulers

vintage ruler knobs

Positioned atop dowel segments, these rulers offer immeasurable function.

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First Bloom


To get the fresh look of this pull, paint a wooden knob with small leaves and three-stroke flowers, using acrylic crafts paint.

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Jeweled Perfection


Feel glamorous each time you open a drawer or cabinet by creating this striking pull. Simply glue a small crafts mirror to a flat metal knob and surround it with by-the-yard rhinestones.

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An Eye for Color


Old eyeglasses now have a new purpose: drawer knobs. Decoupage paper to the back of an old eyeglass lens and adhere it to a knob for this eccentric look.

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Bedazzled Beauty


Take an ordinary knob from simple to chic by overlapping and gluing chandelier crystals to the top of a silver or brass pull.

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Something Old, Something New


Add character to any furniture piece by removing the backing from a large vintage button and adhering it to the top of a purchased knob. For a truly unique look, scour flea markets and antique stores for a mix of designs and prints.

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Pearly Perfection


For an elegant look, paint a wooden knob white and then layer and glue small buttons on the top. Make sure to use a strong adhesive for bonding all kinds of materials, such as E6000. You can also adhere objects to the tops of smaller flat metal pulls.

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Initially Yours


A personalized knob is perfect for the little one in your life. To get this look, stick a dimensional letter from a scrapbooking store in the center of a smooth porcelain pull.

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A Sentimental Touch


Make use of dried flowers from old arrangements by adhering them to a wooden knob and coating it with layers of decoupage medium for one of the prettiest and unique drawer pull ideas.

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Timeless Beauty


For a unique addition to your cabinets or drawers, purchase a watch face at a crafts store and glue it to a round silver knob. This crafty pull has an added bonus: You'll never lose track of time!

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Shining Star


This shining star was created by layering buttons in two contrasting colors and gluing the set to a knob, the perfect accessory for a child's bedroom or toy room.

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Simply Elegant


dd a feminine touch to any drawer or cabinet. Simply cut the pin back from an old brooch and glue it to a knob. Then, add a single rhinestone center.

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Abstract Beauty


Catch people's eyes with a knob that has some modern flair. Stack and glue colorful pieces of polished sea glass to a knob for an impressive look.

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Country Chic


Have a soft spot for beautiful prints? A unique drawer pull idea to use a favorite fabric by cutting out a small section and securing it over an old knob with hot glue.

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French Connection


Personalize a solid-colored knob with words or symbols that fit with your decor. All you'll need is a thin brush and a porcelain paint pen.

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