Cork Reuse Projects

Cork table how-to
Cork transforms easily into coasters, memo boards, pushpins, tiles, and more. It's a great material to use to create function and beauty in your home.

Cork Memo Board

Inexpensive cork transform into a contemporary office bulletin board. Candy-color pushpins organize invitations, hold business cards, and show off interesting ephemera. (See next slide for the how-to.)

Memo Board, Step 1

To begin, paint the cork rounds with two coats of acrylic paint in your chosen color palette. Leave several unpainted for a natural look. (See next slide for remaining steps.)

Memo Board, Step 2

Once dry, turn the cork pieces over and arrange in the desired design; secure together with masking tape. Use wall Velcro to hang.

Cork Pushpins

Not all pushpins need to look utilitarian. These charming mini vases pull double duty: They pin important papers and look adorable while doing it. (See next slide to learn how to make your own.)

How-To: Cork Pushpins

Drill into the top of a wine cork (don't drill through the entire cork, though) to create a vessel. Use permanent glue to adhere a pushpin to the cork. Insert a dried flower or feather into the drilled hole and display on a bulletin board for fresh flair.

Cork Coasters

Keep your table free of water rings in style. Go simple with a monogram, or get creative and match the pattern on a favorite pillow. (See next slide for the how-to.)

How-To: Cork Coasters

With a pen, lightly sketch a design on a cork coaster (we used a monogram and simple patterns). Use a woodburning tool to trace the design. Tip: Cork burns quickly and its smooth texture makes woodburning a snap!

Cork Pencil Cup

Plain pencil holders get an instant upgrade with an easy cork treatment. Plant a succulent (or a similar plant that requires minimal water) to add green to your desktop. (See next slide for the how-to.)

How-To: Cork Pencil Cup

Join two square pencil cups with permanent glue; let dry. Adhere cork floor samples from a local home center to sides and ends using permanent glue. Tip: You may need to trim flooring samples with a handsaw. To create a planter, line the bottom of one pencil cup with a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel or sand for adequate drainage.

Cork Table Makeover

Overhaul a damaged tabletop with cork tiles. Working with a varied selection of cork tile, plan a checkerboard pattern on the tabletop. (See next slide for the how-to.)

How-To: Cork Table Makeover

If tiles need to be trimmed, use a utility knife and metal ruler to create a clean, straight edge. Adhere each cork tile to the surface using wood glue; let dry.

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