Clever Ways to Craft with Industrial Pipes

Love the industrial look? Consider metal pipes for your next DIY project.

Love the industrial look? Consider metal pipes for your next DIY project.

Sick of the same old look? Switch it up with these DIY projects that feature industrial pipes. Each one adds a hint of edge to an otherwise traditional space.

The pipes needed for these DIYs are easy to find at any hardware store or from online vendors. We'll show you ideas for a custom bar cart, storage-savvy seating, and vintage window boxes—all made with industrial pipes. 

More Industrial Decorating Ideas

Build a Custom Bar

Bar carts are all the rage right now, but a quality piece can cost upward of $100. Make your own with plywood, casters, and iron fittings. Start with three identical pieces of plywood. On each piece, drill four holes (one in each corner) with a wood-boring bit. Attach casters to the bottom board, then thread iron pipes through the holes of each shelf, creating a cart. Secure pipes with iron fittings. Our bar cart is basic, so dress it up by staggering the shelves, painting or staining the plywood, or adding a mosaic tile top.

How to Add Tile to a Bar Cart

Create Seating and Storage

When you're working with a tiny space, it's important to maximize storage without sacrificing essentials like seating. This DIY project combines the best of both worlds. Make small garden seats with industrial pipes and outdoor fabric. Attach pieces of pipe in an X shape to create the base, then use iron fittings and additional pipes to attach two X shapes together. Outdoor fabric threaded between the pipes creates a seat. Hang garden seats on the wall with metal hooks, and stash magazines or slim books inside for quick storage. 

Add Rustic Edge

Don't sacrifice style when you need to hang something hefty. Heavy-duty rope and a piece of industrial pipe threaded through a porch or shed's support beams make it possible to hang a pretty rattan chair or swing. Get the look by using a wood-boring drill bit to carve holes in adjacent beams, then place a pipe through the holes. Secure with iron fittings. The result is a rustic-chic accent that contrasts the chair's bohemian style.

Plant in Style

Fashion meets function when industrial pipes are used to hang window boxes on the side of a garden shed. Drill pipes and their appropriate fittings onto the exterior window frame to create a hanging rod. Then attach lightweight window boxes using a length of heavy-duty rope. Whether they're filled with fresh flowers or herbs, the window boxes are a cheerful addition to any outdoor space.

Plant a Butterfly-Friendly Window Box


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