How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Light Fixture in an Afternoon

Canning jars aren't just for the kitchen! This easy DIY pendant lighting project requires minimal skills.

Mason Jar Projects

Brightening your bedside has never been this easy (or good looking!) thanks to this handsome canning jar hack. By purchasing socket lights that plug into a standard outlet, you won't even have to worry about electrical work.

If you're replacing an old ceiling fixture and feel comfortable working with electricity, opt for a triple pendant cord set. Cut a hole in each jar lid and tuck a light into each jar. Then hang from hooks.


Mason Jar Projects
  • 3 pint-size Mason jars with lids
  • 2×4 board
  • 2 clamps
  • 1-1/2-inch bimetal hole saw
  • Metal file
  • 3 socket lights (We used IKEA's Hemma.)
  • 40-watt equivalent LED bulbs
Mason Jar Projects

Secure Mason jar lid to a 2×4 board with clamps. Place hole saw in center of the lid and cut a hole in the lid.

Mason Jar Projects

Repeat for remaining two lids. Sand the sharp edges of the lids with a metal file

Mason Jar Projects

Thread light sockets through lid rings and the cut lids.

Mason Jar Projects

Screw lightbulbs into the sockets and screw them to the Mason jars.

Safety tip: Use low-wattage LED bulbs (40-watt equivalent or less) to prevent overheating. (LED bulbs put off less heat than incandescents or halogens.) If you're still concerned about heat, add ventilation to the fixture. If the diameter of your socket light kit is narrower than the jar lid, drill several holes in the lid with a drill bit before assembling to provide ventilation. If that won't work, use a diamond or a tungsten carbide drill bit to drill a few holes in the bottom of the jar before assembling the light. Spray water on the glass while drilling to prevent cracking.

Mason Jar Projects

Tighten lids, and hang from ceiling or wall with a hook, staggering the heights for a pleasing presentation.

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