Decorating with black and white will never go out of style. If you want to go beyond what standard retail stores offer or have a tight budget, then you can easily incorporate a sophisticated, chic, or trendy look with some unique black-and-white DIYs.

By Julia Konya

I have always loved decorating with black-and-white patterns. To me it is a classic design element that has been in style for centuries and every room could use a dose of it to take it to the next level. I quickly grow sick of a trending color but have never grown sick of black and white, and that's why I use color where I can easily change it out and mix in lots of black-and-white pattern to keep it fresh.

Your eye naturally gravitates to a bold black-and-white statement piece which in most cases can be the focal point of any room.

In my own home I like to decorate with bold and a somewhat unusual black-and-white pattern mix like my decal Otomi dresser and Swiss cross decal hallway, both of which I cut out of wall vinyl. They create a unique pattern combination that works together because one is a simple symmetrical pattern and the other is a busy global pattern.

Black-and-White Abstract Art

Another bold idea is to paint a large beautiful black-and-white statement piece painting like blogger Sarah M. Dorsey did. This room is pretty by itself but without the graphic large-scale black-and-white DIY artwork it just wouldn't be as eye catching. The artwork is certainly adding the final touch to this already stunning office.

Striped Flowerpots

If you don't feel like going that bold in your own home, then you could just start by adding a simple black-and-white striped pattern. It is the most common and classic way to introduce black and white into your decor. Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles painted some stripes on a flowerpot, which adds an instant dose of chic curb appeal. It certainly would transform your indoor plants into a focal point, as well.

Dotted Window Valance

Building a window cornice out of cheap medium-density fiberboard and adding black-and-white dotted fabric adds the necessary visual interest to my all-white kitchen and draws your eye up as a backdrop to the mint green light fixture. You could also just add white fabric and try to paint the dotted pattern with a permanent marker or fabric pen.

Classic Black-and-White Striped Upholstery

Classic black-and-white striped upholstery works in almost every room and if you aren't new to upholstery like blogger Sarah M. Dorsey, you can try to tackle this project yourself. If it is too challenging, then you can have it done at your local upholstery shop. It certainly takes any vintage piece to the next level. This chair would look beautiful in a variety of rooms.


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