Don't let plain, woody-fiber baskets control your storage solutions. Amp up the ordinary with these fun DIY tips and ideas for all your beautiful basket needs.

By Bri Levandowski
July 01, 2016

Sewn Fabric Basket

Make a cute storage basket with less than a yard of fabric! Only basic knowledge of pinning, cutting, and sewing is needed to create this fun storage solution.

Glamorous Bill Basket

DIY basket

Beautify your mail basket overnight. Take your favorite metallic paint and a plain woven basket. Paint, let dry, then place front and center. Simple as that.

Easy Doily Bowl

lace bowl

Keep jewelry and small keepsakes from rolling off your dresser in this DIY doily bowl. Soak a doily in equal parts water and decoupage medium. Let dry over a glass bowl and peel off when dry.

Cool Blue Basket

Painted Crate Appeal

Transform your wicker storage tub into a classy DIY painted basket. Coat the basket in your favorite color paint, then use a detail brush to paint free-form flowers in monochromatic colors. For petals, be sure to start small -- you can always make them bigger!

Save Scraps


No need for unsightly basket bottoms. Beautify wire storage baskets by cutting and weaving ribbons of scrap fabric through the holes. Be sure to tie knots at the back of the basket. Check out the how-to tutorial and video for more guidance.

Try some other projects with leftover craft scraps including Rag-Rug Doily!

Slouchy Basket

macrame baskets

Create this unique, slouchy basket using just a few simple crocheting techniques. Use to house towels in the master bath, blankets in your living room, or supplies in your crafting area. Since this project is DIY, you can make it as tall or small as you'd like.

Two-Tone Blanket Basket

DIY basket

Create subtle beauty with this spray-paint design. For this dip-dyed look, use painters tape to mark off the area you'll be painting, flip the basket upside down, and paint all the way around the basket. Be sure to spray two coats so you get paint in all the crevices.

Fancy Files

File holder basket

Don't have room for a filing cabinet? Have an unused picnic basket laying around? Try this: Line the basket with your favorite material and decorate as you like. Place an adjustable hanging file frame inside to keep your important documents stylishly organized.

Upcycled Storage

Decorated Storage Bin

Give new life to the sweater you'll never wear again. With a cable-knit sweater, a hatbox, hot glue, and leather handles, you can create an upcycled basket built for books, movies, crafts supplies, or any other dry good you can imagine.

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